Real Talk : Sydney + The Universe

That feeling, the one where its hard to put into any sort of descriptive words… the one that you feel deep witin you, in your soul, in your heart… it makes you glow and smile from ear to ear.

Its that feeling that makes you feel alive, it makes you want to sing at the top of your lungs, dance in public…..its a feeling that can only truly exist when you are open to it!

If you find it, smile, then grab hold of it and run with it. Its rare, and most people never feel it. Which is really sad…do you have a purpose, a passion, are you in love, did you find your soul mate… These are all the things that keep you from merely existing but to truly living a life of completeness.

Intuition, the universe, gut feelings.. do you trust them? Do you even listen to them? I know that some times mine are so scary that I almost want to yell at them to shoooosshhhh and sit down. But what would my life be like if I did that, if I didn’t follow through with what I felt deep with in me, what would happen if I held back or told my gut to sit down. That’s right I would miss out, miss out on opportunities, on my life!

Learning to trust and feel are two very important emotions in having a successful and fulfilled life on this earth. knowing what you want and being open to finding it.

When you are on the right path or have a powerful and positive mindset, the universe (heavens) opens up for you, and a downpour of everything you dreamt of and deserve finally hits you with a thump. And yes it is usually is all at once, so be ready, and you will be very likely asking yourself how did this even happen, and so fast for that matter.

Sometimes you have to risk it all to have it all.

Remember that if you always do things from a good place, then good things will always come to you.

Stay true to who you are and who you want to be.

The universe has your back.

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