Real Talk : This too shall pass

Everything happens for a reason.. how many times have you heard this saying and actually thought about what it means or truly trust that what it is saying is absolute.

I know that when something bad happens or you find yourself really hurt by someone its incredibly hard to see these reasons or maintain perspective at the time. But just know that everything is unfolding exactly the way it should be. One day you will see this, and you will realise how perfect every little event actually was.

Learn to trust the process, trust the universe and what it is offering you in this moment. It’s all part of a healing process. Accept where you are and don’t rush things.

As the saying goes ‘this too shall pass’ – whenever something makes me feel sad, angry or hurt. I remind myself of this well-known quote. Always allow yourself to feel the emotions but just remind yourself that this will pass, it always does. It must! I’m sure you can remember many other times when you felt like you couldn’t go on, and how on earth were you to ever get over this experience, but remember you did! Feelings come and go…. Let go of the fear and trust.

I always remember that I’m supported and loved by so many when I venture to a place of pain… And better still we are always being guided by something higher than ourselves.

The universe not only has a plan for you but also protects you along the way. Be grateful for every thing that comes your way whether it be good or bad as it’s just an experience like any other and the pain or happiness you are feeling is just your perception of it.

Change is uncomfortable but its inevitable and its through change that we expand and grow!

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