Real Talk : Timing is everything

Each coincidence has a hidden message – are you listening?

Have you ever experienced a moment that has left you stunned or in awe… if so then welcome to the amazing and beautiful world of synchronicity Timing really is everything… as the age old saying goes. Choices, encounters or events that occur are based on perfect or some would say unfortunate timing. Is timing truly the key to our destiny, do we have any say in what will occur next? What do you think? Or is timing just a tool to help us along on our journey… it’s that moment when everything comes together just perfectly. Timing shows up in all areas of your life. Take creating a new recipe for example, its not just the ingredients you put in, it’s the timing of the cooking itself that decides the outcome. Same when it comes to sports, money, health and wellness. Some I guess would say its just a coincidence; which I think is a mere elusion of those who don’t think outside the box they so comfortably live in, as nothing is by chance or coincidence – its your perception of the event decides what happens next… learn to be open, and I promise that you will be thankful. The first step to improving your luck is this – to accept that this is how life actually is. If you are like me you like plans and control most of the time, but control is not the answer. As strange as it seems, uncertainty gives you everything you want. It leads to endless possibilities. There is no separation between you and anyone or anything. Everything is connected. Every single person you meet is meant for you, every event that occurs is meant for you, every single moment its happening for you..not to you! I ask that you learn to understand this

Synchronicity is an unlikely or impossible coincidence that cannot be explained by luck or chance. Have you ever noticed when you feel ready it all just happens… Have you ever had a perfect day, when everything just goes right? One thing after another…. People and things just seemed to happen and appear at the exact moment you needed them to, that’s the true meaning of synchronicity. If you arrived a few moments earlier or later things wouldn’t have been the same. Timing is absolutely everything. You were purely in the right place at the right time - It wasn’t luck or chance. You were in perfect harmony with your surroundings. Like my crazy car accident last week- If circumstances weren’t different earlier in the day, I would have been getting into the car at that very moment. I also knew that my car has been in an accident before I actually physically saw it. I felt it. My intuition kicked in instantly, when you learn to get in touch with your higher self these things become the norm for you. The better part I’ve been visualizing and planning on getting a new car for some time now.

Synchronicity, it’s the unconscious awareness of our lives. When your vibration and frequency are the same as what you want or are chasing - the universe will always deliver what you want. Start believing and I promise things will start changing for you, ‘seeing is truly believing’. Whatever it is you believe will be reflected back at you. Your thoughts are mirrored. Have you ever noticed that you see something continuously over and over, multiple coincidences? Like that new car in a particular colour you want to buy, suddenly are everywhere? The more you pay attention the more you will see. The universe listens to what the mind wants. Unfortunately it can also work against you – focusing on and always repeating things like ‘I’m going to be late’, ‘I’m so unlucky’, ‘I never,’ etc… the law of synchronicity will work against you. Be clear with your intentions and always keep a positive min

So how can you become more like this and attract into your life more of what you desire? First step is to let go of any past or negative belief systems. Its time to put your logical self on hold and start to pay attention to your inner feelings, you really do know what’s best for you if you just learn to listen. Your deepest feelings are your intuition, always, always trust them. ‘Gut feelings’ are a personal message for you. Believe that it is possible! Positive attitude will enhance your experience Find some time to switch off, relax, meditate – these times are great opportunities for the powerful signs or answers to come to you. This week, I want you to focus on synchronicity for just one whole day and see what happens.

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