Real Talk : 'What is'

As a child, I remember mum had handmade this beautiful image/quote, that sat on our bench top, it said ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’, but it seems the last few decades this has changed, our idea of beauty has changed, it is being programmed into us what is deemed the perfect image or body type or look from such a young age.

Every where you look these days there is so much marketing on what we should or shouldn’t look like to fit in the so called categories. ‘what is beautiful’ You only have to scroll through your instagram feed or facebook news and see half your friends abs, bikini photos, gym pictures, lean legs, the list goes on.

It’s a shame that it has come to this, and that little ones are growing up way to fast – not enjoying the joys of being a child. Already from such a young age striving to look a certain way and how if they don’t, they can be made to feel ‘ugly’ if they don’t fit in the ‘beautiful’ type. Because of this the next generation is not addressing how to feel on the inside or learn how to be in touch with their souls, their purpose or really understand what makes them tick, originality, always taught to look on the outside and not within for the answers.

 I know that I am more than often a victim to this, and Im sure that many of you reading this are too. Im the first to admit some days I wish I had trained harder, my legs were skinner, I had my abs back, I did this, I want that… bla bla bla… negative inner self talk. Not only is it not healthy, its time wasting and unnecessary.

But as I get older, I start to realise whats important to me now and that ‘image’ is not at the top of the list anymore, I don’t want to look back on my 20s and 30s regretting things I didn’t do or how I felt about myself because of what society thinks is ‘perfect’. Have a think about it, does looking a certain way make you any better, smarter, kinder, richer….. Come on!

We just all need to just be kind to ourselves and nurture our bodies, letting them thrive naturally.

The image of what we think is supposedly ‘perfect’, ‘beautiful’ or ‘fit’ – majority of the time this isn’t real anyways, almost every image around us -on television, in magazines, billboards, its often far from real, fake photo shopped edited images. If we could all just start to love ourselves for who we are, be grateful for what we have, the fact that we are lucky in our own special ways; it would be a much more beautiful place to live.

How long will this take to happen??

To see what real beauty is, and that to embrace your individuality, be confident as you are, to love what you have been given, to take care of yourself, your health, your mind and be grateful to just be alive and know that you do everything you can to be that person.

I do believe this is slowly happening as we become more aware of our health, our environment, natural healing, beauty and doing things for our minds and souls more often, than just externally.

But its definitely a journey nor will it be be an easy road, trying to re-wire your brain to ‘what’s beautiful’ as we have been bombarded from such a young age of what is, it will take time. But I know I would much rather spend time getting this right, that trying to perfect myself to someone elses idea of ‘what is.’ 

“If tomorrow, women woke up and decided they really liked their bodies, just think about how many industries would go out of business”
– Unknown 

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