Real Talk : You aren't good enough!

You’re not smart enough, Your thighs are fat! You’re not pretty enough!
You’re not lean enough, muscly enough, fit enough, healthy enough….
Who would believe you anyways? Financial Freedom, haha you’re dreaming right? She’s skinnier than you! She’s better than you!

Meet the egotistic b*tch that I live with!

We all have one of these negative people living deep within us! But its about learning how we better deal with this nasty person! When you have something constantly on replay over and over in your mind, and worse than that you actually believe it; Not only are you impacting those around you; You are causing yourself to live in a state of constant stress, unhappiness, fear, comparison and its stops you from being able to live your true path. The difference between the successful people and the minority is that we allow it to take control of us. Learning to love ourselves for exactly who we are, where we are and what we are working on is what its all about.

SELF LOVE We need to remember that we are exactly where we should be right now! For whatever reason or lesson. Accepting, loving and nourishing. For such a long time I have just accepted and allowed this LOUD voice inside my head control my actions and thoughts, but things have changed… (and no I dont hear voices, i am talking about self talk) This nasty self talk has always been present but has become worse over the past 12 months after going through such big changes (MyBlackCloud) recently I have said NO MORE, I will not live this way, so I am actively working on daily self love actions…

My current weekly self love routine :

  • Practice more yoga

  • Meditate daily, if Im lucky i do this twice a day (morning and night)

  • Nourish my body with beautiful wholesome organic food

  • Affirmations and Inspirational Images are all around me

  • Spending time doing things just for YOU! (reading, going for walks, bubble baths etc)

“If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.” – Roald Dahl

You have heard the saying over and over; what we believe internally, we can create on the outside world, so we must actively work on changing these negative nasty comments… The power is always being in the present moment. (read more here) CHOOSE TO BE PRESENT, When you are present you are focused on the here and now.

Want to see how negative and mean you really are to yourself?? Take Action today! Complete this activity :

  • Grab a notebook or paper, write down all the negative self talk and thoughts you are having or do have.

  • Then read it out loud! -Is this how you would speak to someone you love or your partner, best friend??

Its time to change! No more being nasty and putting your beautiful self down. Its time to believe that you are beautiful, unique and perfectly imperfect just the way you are!

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