Real Talk : You gotta bounce back

So sometimes life is shitty, so shitty! That you feel like screaming and cursing to the world from the top of your lungs, with your middle finger up!

So it doesn’t always go to plan. You were laid off from that job, you didn’t get the opportunity you thought you had, and your perfect marriage ends in divorce.

We all have experiences like these… its just a matter of learning how to deal with them best when they hit us. Set backs are an opportunity in disguise. As much as it feels like it is, It’s not the end of the road, and it should definitely not define you!

These experiences are very much discouraging and we definitely feel like life is super unfair, sometimes in that moment, we even wish that things could go back to the way they were. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just press rewind? However sudden changes can be seen and turned into big opportunities. With the right attitude and mindset you can still create the life you always wanted. Things happen for you all the time, trust that.

Don’t be a turtle, I know sometimes I just want to hide in my shells and hope for the best, hope that quite possibly the world could just pass me by. But we need to see that there is so much more out there, more to life than we are living in this single moment. So many others experience things just like you are or even worse off than you are. But like anything ‘this too shall pass’. Force yourself to get out and try new things, meet new people, get another job and really experience what the world has to offer you.

I believe there are many ways in which we can help ourselves to see things a little more clearly or to be able to see the positive rather than the negative in a situation. I think having a regular spiritual practice is an important one. It keeps us in check with reality and keep life’s troubles into better perspective. That may be yoga, meditation or going to church, choose what works for you. Doing things like these will help to ease your mind, keep you calm and give you clarity on what to do next. With regular practice you will be more relaxed and be able to make better decisions to go ahead with your life.

Another thing you may need to re evaluate is habits, good and bad habits. Ask yourself questions like; what have I done in the past that was a success? Is there anything that I’ve done that didn’t work? What can I learn from this? Start to work on improving yourself for the future and what else is to come.

I’m a big believer in who you surround yourself with you become like. So be careful whom you spend your time with. Haters and critics are everywhere, and boy oh boy are they happy to put doom and gloom on you any chance they get. Surround yourself with people who make you smile, laugh and really support who you are and what you are chasing. It may be a good time to look at cutting out those who don’t. And don’t feel bad when doing so! The set backs are enough, we don’t need anchors to hold us back as well.

Do you exercise; do you move your body enough??? Exercise is such a powerful healing tool; it puts a spring in your step! It makes you feel and look confident. Make sure at the same time you also take time to really nourish your body internally with good nutrition.

Stop reacting to your life! Life can feel so out of control sometimes, and if we react to everything that is going on around us we lose our focus our true purpose. So things didn’t work out how you planned, set new goals and chase new dreams. The universe always has a bigger plan for you than you first thought. Ask yourself: What are the most important things that I want to have in my life? Why do I want these things? What do I need to achieve my goals? What small things can I do every day this week to help me reach my dream?

Make chasing your dreams your number one priority.

So lets not try and dwell on what has happened, bad things happen to everyone its really how you bounce back that people want to see and hear about. So try to talk about the things you have accomplished not the huge set backs, not only does it set a positive ground for you but it also doesn’t drive your friends and family crazy.

I really dont think that smooth sailing really exists. I am starting to really see, chasing dreams is definitely far from easy! There are so many bumps and roadblocks, testing people and lessons to be learnt. But setbacks provide us with opportunity to become wiser and more compassionate. Not every one can see things like this but you will be better off if you decide to!

Have a think do you know anyone that’s resentful, bitter or negative constantly? They are clinging to setbacks which have occurred in the past sometimes many years ago. They talk about old regrets and horrible experiences and losses like it was only happening to them yesterday. Don’t let yourself be one of these people. Use this experience to create a better and more truly satisfying life.

As much as we would like to avoid setbacks happening altogether, they are just apart of life. They are opportunity for strength, you may not feel this right away but you will, I promise. Remember it really is how you bounce back that determines whether or not you will have that amazing life that you dream of.




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