Road Trips with Good Vibes

Your car can be a wonderful space to learn and reflect. I always say that your car is like a moving university, learn to use this time wisely and being stuck in traffic will no longer be a waste of time. 

With access to so many great podcasts and you tube you can be learning as you drive. 

So which crystals should you have in your car? We want positive uplifting energy when we are driving, especially if you are likely to run into road rage or have a back seat driver, driving you mad! 

Remember after choosing your stones, to make sure you always cleanse them (I like sage for this) and that you set an intention with them. 

For each crystal you bring into the car with you, hold it in your hands and say out loud or to yourself : ‘ I ask that the highest vibrations of ( crystal names) protect, calm and guide me on my journey. I ask that I be surrounded by love and light whenever I am driving. 

My top 3 favourite crystals to have in the car:

Selenite: This is one of my all time favourite crystals for almost everywhere in the house, I have one at the base of my bed, one on my desk and one in my car. This is to bring joy and light with me on my journey. Keep this under your drivers seat to help you feel protected and to stay positive on long road trips. 

Black Tourmaline: Is the most powerful protective stone. It should be a staple in your collection, especially if you work with people a lot or you are an empath. Its job is to absorb negative energy. It creates a sort of protective shield by radiating back out a positive stabilising energy. Keeping a piece of black tourmaline in the front and back of your car so that you are protected at both ends is a good idea,

Shungite: This guys powerful, it helps to minimise the effects of EMFs when your phone is around. Keep a piece of this along side your phone. It will help absorb the EMFs and also helps to have a grounding effect on your space. 

Always go to a good quality crystal shop to purchase crystals. 

There are quite a number around now, be wary when purchasing online. 

Image Sourced: @goldirocks
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