San Fran to LA: Healthy Eats

Updated: Jul 13, 2018

Its no secret Im a huge foodie and love to nourish myself with the right foods, whether Im at home or travelling this never changes. Sure I might have the odd occasional treat or burger If I feel like it but generally I eat well and I find us the trendy places to go where I can.

Our trip last week took us to San Francisco ending up in Los Angles with a few stop offs on the drive down. i.e. Yosemite National Park, Pismo, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, Malibu.

So where do I recommend you get good coffee and healthy food in these places, check out some of my favs below:

San Francisco

Jane on Larkin - Bakery, Cafe and Healthy Food

This place had really good coffee (its hard to find good coffee in America, especially if you drink black coffee like I do) But these guys actually use an Australian coffee.

Mr Holmes Bakehouse - Instagram Must See* Bakery

This place is actually so tiny but the baked treats make up for it thats for sure! You can't dine in and they don't do proper coffee either but I suggest you grab a treat and head down the street to Jane on Larkin (see above) The famous neon sign is a must! And the matcha croissants hit the spot for me!

The Baked Bear (not so healthy)

Want to try something different and little quirky! Then this is your place!

Literally ice-cream cookie sandwiches. This place is down near the Pier 39.

Sausalito (If you head over the Golden Gate Bridge on your bike this is the place to stop)

Napa Valley Burger Company

Not just burgers! The salad was great!! A large selection on the menu and lots of beverage options.

Santa Barbara

The French Press - Gorgeous cafe/bakery

The coffee was to die for here and the almond croissant (my weakness) was even better.

Im super fussy and a bit of a coffee snob when it comes to how I like my coffee and these guys were epic!

Los Angles / Santa Monica

Bondi Harvest (the states version) - Aussie Cafe

They actually serve a 'long black' coffee but these guys also do an epic bullet proof style coffee. Such a cool little spot, tucked away from any thing else, with a Bondi beach feel. The food is fresh and tasty. Fresh Coconuts and Juices.

LA / Venice Beach

Gratitude Cafe - A vegan cafe done well.

With its unique menu there is something new for everyone to try. They sell organic and bio-dynamic wine along with coffees, fresh juices and fancy coloured lattes.

They have a number of cafes situated around LA.

Malibu Farm

This was by far my absolute favourite place of the whole trip.

The location and view was incredible, the weather was spectacular and the food could not have been any more perfect or to my liking. You do have to line up to wait to get a seat at this place, but I promise you its worth every minute you do.

We had the cauliflower based pizza, a caesar salad with chicken enjoyed with a a glass of white and rose. Not usually a dessert person, but the carrot cake topped drizzled with coconut and the chocolate mud cake were incredible. Healthy Indulgences

Bulletproof (the cafe)

Being a huge fan of bulletproof coffees I was so excited when I discovered they had a few of their own cafes across LA. We didn't eat here, but they do however sell the most epic keto style breakfast. Lots of healthy fats to kick start your day! You can also purchase all their amazing bulletproof products. If you haven't already done so be sure to check out the creator (Dave Asprey's) Podcast. One very smart and clever man.

Wholefoods and Erewhon Markets

Fresh Juices + Tonics

Fresh Salads, Meals and other delicious hot food

Fresh fruit and Veg

Protein Bars and Bites

Supplements + Beauty Products

Bulk Foods

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