Some of my favourite oracle cards

Updated: Aug 19, 2018

Oracle card decks have played a huge part in my spiritual journey. They are such wonderful tools to help with direction, guidance and solutions. They have provided me with comfort and helpful advice in times of need. I dont personally use many Tarot style decks, however I do have a few that I use at different times. They generally work all the same.

Using cards its a great way to connect to the universe, and yes its safe. You are simply just asking for guidance and support in challenging or confusing times.

Choosing a deck is definitely a personal thing, and I know for me I have connected with different ones at different times. When you connect well with a deck you can really get some great accurate responses.

I have always been very much connected to angels for as long s I can remember, working with them through challenging times when I hardly knew what I was doing with them, but this is why Im very much drawn to having them in my oracles. But as I have gone deeper into my spiritual practice I am becoming more drawn to cards with more depth.

So below Ill share with you some of my favourite oracle cards and how I love to use each deck...


I hate to say that I have a favourite deck, but right now I really do and these are it! I bought these when I first arrived in Cairns and I didnt have my cards and crystals there just yet. I have just felt a deeper connection to them that any others. They have had such spot on guidance and messages every reading. Even the lady in the store where I purchased them from said to be warned they are quite powerfully accurate cards to work with. Alana is an incredible artist and her decks are beautiful, you cannot go wrong with these, I would however suggest if you are new to cards this deck may be a little advanced.


This deck is one I recommend a lot to clients and often send individual cards with gifts for positive reinforcement. These I feel are a powerful cards for starting your day with for some morning wisdom. I feel as though these cards are great for affirmations and a beautiful reminder that the universe really does have your back.


These cards are new to my collection and something I started using with my reiki healer recently so I wanted to add them to my collection. They are beautiful cards that offer spot on predictions and messages from your angels. The feel and energy of these cards are beautiful! They are so vibrant. I think these are a great set of cards to start with, if you are new to all this!


This was my favourite deck for such a long time, I felt so connected to it at one point. I am very much connected and drawn to Unicorns ( funny enough I actually used to have my car number plate Unicorn) the beautiful, mystical magical creatures that they are. The images on these cards are breath taking and of such high quality.


A beautiful deck that I feel is directed at women of all ages, femininity and connecting with your intuitive wisdom. Helping you to create a path of self love, healing and rituals. They are such beautiful images and in their little guide book they offer 'healing' rituals and activities for you to do.

I actually love using this deck to connect with my social media women. I do a reading each Tuesday @iamrebeccaneale

Something I loved about this deck is that its created with an eco friendly printer, recycled paper and plant based ink.

I hope you have enjoyed learning about some of my favourite decks, I wont lie I have quite a few more but these are definitely my favourite at the moment and some I wanted to share with you.

If you have any questions related to these cards or anything card related in general, let me know, send me an email! I would love to hear from you!

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