That girl

Your the girl who is too open, has too much depth. The girl who sees the beauty in everything around her. You are the girl that wants to make the world a better place, by helping, nurturing and creating magic. A girl who changes a little too often.. one day you'll be outspoken and buzzing with high vibrancy then other days you are in your own little black cloud of depression. You feel it all; sometimes all in the same day, its both a blessing and a curse to feel everything the way you do.

He runs for cover afraid of getting wet when youre the one inside the storm then the next day you'll have your rain boots on dancing in the rain and jumping in puddles but he wont be there to enjoy them with you! 

You're the girl that doesn't give up! If you want something bad enough, or someone. You do all that is possible in your power to work towards it, youre an all or nothing kinda girl! 

Somtimes youre hard to keep up with but he never seem to think youre worth the chase or perusal. 

You're the girl who writes from the heart, tries all sorts of strange food, is everyones best friend at parties and probably cries a little too much weekdays. 

The girl who isn't afraid to say how she feels, or to express things just as they are. The one who probably over thinks things a little too easily. 

Your the girl who is raw and authentic. One who truly embraces truthfulness and loves talking about how much beauty there is in the world.

You are brutally honest about life! You are the girl who will make that guy think twice, and believe that there is something else -that he never knew existed. The girl who will make you feel skinned alive yet never feel more electrically alive at the same time. 

But youre the girl he is so confused by, because, why, you make him question the world as he knows it, you make him see life from a different place. 

Yes you'll be the girl in the back of his mind, the one you will search for in everyone else. The one he thinks about when he is doing the shopping, buying that gift for his niece, You're the one whos eyes he will never forget looking into - because for that one moment in time he saw more than what he thought possible. Yes he will miss you, and he will wonder just what it is you are up to, where you are right now - but in that moment he will then realise he lost the best thing that was ever gifted to him.

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