That One Person

Days turned into weeks, weeks into months and eventually its been far too long since you have heard from or seen that person…

the difference with that person is their absence affects you differently to anyone else's.. you may never truly understand why but they just have an affect on you like no other. They did right from the moment you saw them. 

When you meet that someone new - that next person that comes into your life and heart, there is no denying that, that one person never really left and still takes up space in your heart and head. 

Maybe they are no longer physically around but they emotionally have never left you. 

No matter how hard you try there is really no denying what the heart wants. and in the back of your mind you always have that slight hope that maybe, just maybe they will find their way back to you after all this time. 

When you are out and about you search for them, both hoping and fearing that you may run into them. Wondering if those feeling would still be the same when your eyes met again. Wondering if that person still cared. 

You drive by that persons place and your heart does backflips for a moment or two thinking you may see them, every one new that you talk to or meet the thought of them enters your mind. You look for qualities that they lack that you knew was in that one person, and its not fair to compare but you just do. 

Sometimes you awake during the middle of the night, where you are met in your dreams by them. The closest you seem to get to them. Of all the skeletons in the closet they were the one who seems to haunt you the most. 

Things end, time passes and things get easier. As they say time heals all wounds. 

But what if your heart doesn't feel that it was meant to end. What do you do when you think that the story isn't over yet, that it hasn't even begun. 

Your friends ask ‘ do you think you'll ever hear from them again” 

‘I know I will’you respond. 

What i know is that love is strong, and it can over come every obstacle and can stand the test of time. And the faith you have in whats meant to be always will be is enough for you to keep moving forward. 

They say whats meant for you never goes by you, and things happen when you least expect it. 

But if they don't return, a piece of them will always be with you along the way. 

But then one day, a message - one word. ‘Hello’. Changes everything, everything comes flooding back. 

There was a sense of familiarity, cautious but comfortable. Like nothing had ever changed. We just were a little older and wiser.

I still looked at you the same, and I know you still saw me and my eyes the way you did the first time.

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