The Broken Ones

Whatever it is, whatever they're going thorough, whatever has happened to them, whatever the damage or whatever has control over them - it will have nothing to do with you and everything to do with you 

Nothing because it has happened before you even existed to them, a past relationship, trauma or just simply trust and belief that suddenly they no longer have.

And Everything because you will try so hard to help and fix them, wonder why you are not enough, why you cant heal them or make them change their minds. 

You're going to promise your self that you will never caught up and dragged into this hole again, then you'll watch as it happens again. You'll be so mad that you did it again, tried again thinking it would be different. Why do you bother? Do you really think that you're the exception to the rule as you ignore the red flags and warning signs. 

You see it all along - this someone is shattered, bruised and battered. A soul thats in a thousand pieces and has so little stability and love to give you - you don't blame them for it, actually you find every excuse you can for them and then you continue to try.

Love is blind and works in strange ways, we fall in love with the things that we never plan on loving and we attach ourselves to things we shouldnt. 

Thats life though - we all have lovers that do not - and cannot love us back. 

The worst - you will love them so much, even when you try not to. No matter how much you say you dont! You'll watch as they pull themselves down further and further and most of the time drag you with them. 

They're not trying to hurt you - but between not knowing how to love you back even though they want to and trying to keep you at a distance - the whole list of complications come flooding to the surface, this happens when a broken person is so loved by someone who's not. 

In the end one of two things will happen.. they'll let you in little by little and they will slowly learn how to fix themselves, or on the latter you will be left with huge holes in your heart and soul and have to move on. One definitely hurts more than the other, both have the potential of breaking you too. 

Love is not something that can be forced upon someone and demanded in return. It is offered so freely by you but it doesn't have to be accepted, and when someone isn't ready, they're just not ready. 

We will all fall for the broken person, at least once in our life, some times more if youre horribly unlucky. Sadly this is more common than not now, that someone has gotten in first and completely destroyed the persons affection and left scars on their hearts.

The broken person who's afraid of being hurt again, deserves love just as much.  All we can do is love them, and if youre lucky enough they will learn to love you too. 

And if not then you will end up being broken too. But you know what love stories eventually teach us, that you can heal, grow and try again some day. 

Often the broken people we find and fall in love with actually end up teaching us. 

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