The BS L-word

Im not usually the type to give up - but Im done. Done with the BS thing called LOVE.

You're always the strong girl, the brave girl. You always see the best in everyone and everything, You try to be hopeful. And you know there is so much beauty in this world underneath all the clouds. You're the girl who chooses to be optimistic but lately reality is really starting to challenge you. Its pouring rain on your rainbows and you are really starting to crave sunshine. 

You're tired of the games, the guessing, the questions, the lack of sleep, the over thinking, analysing, the meaningless words and messages. I know youre tired of putting yourself out there babe only to be hurt and disappointed over and over. I get it.

And yes I hear you, youre tired of being told they're just not worth it, you deserve better, if they cared they would act differently. Well of course, you know this!

I know youre tired of falling for the ones who don't care, the ones who aren't serious, the ones who only see you for that one thing, and for a bit of short term fun and not forever. 

Tired of hearing from your friends to just move on, its a waste of time, and that you should just stop looking or just wait til you find the one who shows you affection and love. 

This is when you start to feel like maybe its time to change, maybe you aren't what people want in someone, that you need to change and stop being you so that you can find love, it seems no one falls in love with you as you are, no one accepts you for you, you are just too hard to love. 

You teach others to always open their hearts, to give it another shot, that its not easy and that it takes work… but it shouldn't be this hard! It has honestly just stopped making any sense to you lately. How is it ok to continue to give so much love, nurture and want to share the amazingness of your life with someone only to continue getting heart broken.

Why is it when we show our best to someone that they only show you their worst. 

The more you like someone the more they repeal. How does that even work. The moment youre ready for love it eludes you.

It just doesn't make sense and you cant hold out anymore for something that doesn’t make sense. You just cant hold on to something that is unpredictable, painful, annoying and heartbreaking. You cant continue to hold on to something that makes you question and doubt yourself regularly. You cant hold on to something that you cant find, something that doesn't actually exist in your world. 

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