The Farm Byron Bay - Foodie Review

Just off the freeway, on your way to Byron Bay you can find this amazing little place. The Farm Byron Bay – A sustainable farm using traditional methods, they Grow, Feed and Educate. All whilst being 100% spray and chemical free.

This place exceeded all my expectations… and they were already so damn high before I arrived for lunch.

It was like I had fast fwd my life to a few years from now and my dream life was a reality. Anyone who knows me well enough knows my passion for amazing nutrition and quality food sources and that I can’t wait to have my own place where I live off the land with my family and grow my own produce. 

Lunch – Three Blue Ducks  – A healthy and happy place Now this place is something to talk about – Think Organic, Sustainable, Local, Seasonal, Chemical Free and Gut Healing. 

The beef is grass fed, the pigs are local and free range and the chickens are organic. In respect for the animal they endeavour to use the whole animal from nose to tail. What I love is that they show a huge respect for local farmers, the economy and choose to only source seasonal produce within a 500km radius of their location. The fish is line caught! 

Something that I cannot stand when I visit cafes and restaurants, if you don’t purchase bottled water, is the quality of the water they serve you. Im not sure about you but sometimes it tastes like it comes straight from the washroom, when like me you choose to drink alkaline water you really start to notice the difference. At the farm, they use water thats clean and pure – it literally comes from the sky, yes rainwater! Now how cools that!

Much like myself they like to include and use not only quality but a variety of different ingredients in their meals. Nuts, seeds and grains. They also love the idea of  pickling and fermenting. You can purchase beautiful and extremely affordable home made bone broth, kombucha, coconut milk, fermented veggies, sauerkraut  and other delish take homes. – I definitely didn’t leave empty handed. I can’t wait to try the beautiful gut-nourishing beef bone broth.

After finishing up an amazing lunch which was made with creativity and lots of love, and was also shared with a gorgeous little free range hen wandering around, not bothered by the busy easter rush; we were able to listen to some live acoustic music. Everyone is free to wander around the farm; so my shoes were off, I wasn’t missing the chance to walk through the rich luscious green paddocks and red soil. 

raw salad, shaved cabbage, mizuna, apple, bird seed mix finished with beetroot vinegar

A sneaky view at the menu, (sorry you will have to just go check it out for yourself) coffee spiced brisket, chimichurri, white cabbage and slaw. leafy greens, sprouted buckwheat & pink grapefruit,  kangaroo tartare and olive crips grass fed rib eye, pressed lamb honey comb and salted peanut butter icecream 

And for those who are wondering, they have a great selection of craft beer from some of Australia’s finest boutique brewers but also a few good imports. The wine are sourced from Australia and around the world – a lot of which are natural, organic and/or biodynamic. 

Coffee (fair trade and forest friendly)- is sourced locally, literally down the road from the cafe – They even offer Macadamia milk, thats a new one, let me know if you try it out when you visit!

Whether you are passionate about the planet, sustainability, supporting Australian local farmers, or you just love good, honest organic food this place is for you! You won’t be disappointed there is something for everyone. Even the little ones. (sustainable fish fingers – now thats cool!)

Enjoy. x

(be sure to check out the video below – a chat with the farm owner and head chef)

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