The Magic Mother - Apple Cider Vinegar

The dreaded thing that all my clients have a love hate relationship with!

I love this product – It has so many wonderful health benefits as well – it has to be the most versatile product that I own, Not kidding I clean my house with it!

This superfood Or super liquid should I say is powerful! Why do you ask? Because it has amazing healing power!

I’m about to tell you exactly why I believe it can and does wonders for you.

Introduce APPLE CIDER VINEGAR into your daily plan and you wont look back.

Not only does it improve the absorption of important minerals from our foods, it helps to alkaline the body. Minerals are the foundation of health and wellbeing, not vitamins, this is something that is all to often misunderstood.

My Top 6 fav BENEFITS

  1. Lowers Bad Cholesterol – Studies have been done and proven that the use of this little beauty over an 8 week period can significantly reduce cholesterol.

  2. Helps with Digestion – Taken first thing in the morning and before meals can be beneficial with people who have stomach issues, reflux, bloating, indigestion. It can be had with a little bit of water before meals or used on salad as a dressing.

  3. Weight Loss – Can assist with belly fat, lowering waist circumference, body weight and triglycerides.

  4. Cleans and Tones the skin – can assist with fading age spots and helps with acne. (1 part ACV and 2 parts water)

  5. Reduces appetite and cravings – The acetic acid has been shown to lower the glycemic index in foods, which in return slows the rate that sugars are released into the bloodstream.

  6. Cleaning – used as a floor cleaner in my household, or can be used with teatree oil for all purpose cleaner. (2 parts water and 1 part ACV)

There are so many more benefits, but if i was to list them all this post would go on forever…..get out there and try it for yourself!

So which one do I buy?

The uglier the better! You want one with the mother in the bottom, its dirty and brown looking. If its clear and more like murky coloured water its been through a filtered process which in return strips it of its powerful nutrients. ORGANIC is always best, I have tried numerous and my favourite would have to be BRAGGS.

How to?

They say small regular amounts daily seem to work best. Always add it to water to stop the burning in your throat.I believe that its best to be taken first things in morning on rising with a good quality probiotic to start the daily digestive process and before meals to help you with reflux and aiding digestion. You can find my digestive cleanser drink recipe here.

Tell me, do you use this product? What have you found? Do you believe it helps you ?

COMMENT BELOW – would love to hear your thoughts!

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