The Magic of Autumn

Nature has always felt like a place I really can connect with my higher self, it has always had a really healing effect on me. And whats more nature really has so much wisdom to share with us, in its own flow and rhythm, the light, the dark and the seasons that come and go….

So what about Autumn, what gift does she bring to us, what can we learn from her?

Is there something you are holding on to from the past that you no longer need, no longer serves you for your highest good?

Do you need to forgive someone?

Are you holding any grudges?

Carrying around wounds from the past cause us so much stress, not only that they block anything else from coming into our lives in different ways. And whats more we hold on to these stresses, blockages and resentment even, in all shapes and forms ie. weight gain, pain, the way we carry ourselves, talk about ourselves or view ourselves.

Take a moment - Take a deep breath, close your eyes and think, is there anything I need to let go of right now? Acknowledge what is there, as this is the first important step in letting go and moving fwd. But, this will only happen when we choose to come from a place of being ready to let go, no one can make us do anything, all the coaches, healers or inspirational people in the world cant help you if you aren't ready to help you. Just as we cant make the trees shed leaves too soon…

Try writing it down, I journal every single day, my morning ritual is spending time writing and letting things go and welcoming other things in at the same time. When we take time to ourselves, we find answers, it is a very nurturing process of self love and realisation.

Remember where you are right now is exactly where you are meant to be. I promise you that, your life is unfolding in the right timing the right moments, with the right people, places, lessons, blessings etc. Where we are now is a result of all the life experiences we have had and the people we have met along the way. WE cannot change any of it and if we got serious with ourselves and not let ego or emotions get in the way, we could easily say with honesty that those situations have helped us grow, learn and taught us all we need to know.

Just learn to be here and now, and if holding on isn't allowing you to do this, then its time you learnt how to let things go.

I would love to know whats holding you back, what are you not letting go of right now? Comment Below

I can happily help you to learn some tools to be able to do let go of what it is you are holding on to, contact me here.

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