To all the women who struggle with body image

Hi Beautiful, 

So I just wanted to remind you that you are not alone on this journey. There are millions of women around the globe who feel exactly the same way you do and guess what its ok and absolutely normal to feel so.

Its normal to compare yourself to others, to feel insecure, not enough, to find faults with your body especially in this era we live in, where social media is at the touch of our finger tips - here where you will find perfectly edited and airbrushed images, fitness models, online sensations. But just because we are surrounded by it, doesn’t mean we are meant to do all of that too and to be so harsh on ourselves over what?

Do you realise you are just seeing yourself as a body, as a physical form and not viewing yourself as a whole, a beautiful soul that you are.

You see yourself through others eyes - you see yourself through the eyes of the Instagram girls, the Victoria secrets models, the filters of others. You compare yourself against them, you look at yourself assuming they’re judging you, assessing whether you are enough for them or not, you think your body is you. 

You are not your body, you are so much more! And you’re not going to be like her, or that fitness model over there or the other Instagram ‘beauties’ and you’re not supposed to be! You don’t need to be! 

Why would you need to fit yourself into society beauty standard instead of just who you are, who you feel most authentic as.

You must remember that everyone is born unique. Different size, shape, colours - including those you admire in magazines. They were born that way, the shapes and sizes - the exact body images that make them suitable for certain roles. Its just how they are, their bone structure, their genetics. Not something you can just create by extreme dieting and exercise that could potentially harm you both physically and mentally. 

So please my darling stop blaming and criticising yourself so much. Give yourself the love and kindness that you are so deserving of. Give your body a break. 

She has done such an incredible job so far to get you to hear, think about all the things she has endured for you so far in this life time. You are active, healthy, functional and guess what ALIVE.  Start living like you are dying. So many days are wasting in the spiral of comparison, shame and judgement of ourselves. 

Isn’t it just time you started to take good care of yourself? 

I know its hard, trust me! Ive been there, heck I was even a fitness model for many years. Its hard when the voice inside your head beats you up and keeps putting out the things that are wrong with you and that we are not enough of this or that and that we need and must change. 

But today, just for a moment I want you to please turn down your inner mean girl. Look at yourself as if you were a little kid who is seeing herself for the first time in the mirror, with the same love, kindness and curiously. Excitement and lack of judgement, no comparisons and no more feelings of not feeling good enough. 

Its really time beautiful woman to stop letting cruel thoughts take over your day, torturing and controlling you from seeing how beautiful you really are. 

Time to let it go! All of ti! Give no more power to their nasty thoughts.

Realise that you are beautiful and that your beauty actually shines from within you, through your smile, your laughter, your kindness, your courage and strength to be authentically you. Believe you are and can be loved for exactly who you are. You are accepted for this body, with every bump, curve and stretch mark. 

You are seen as more than just the flesh and bone, you are a soul with so much depth and magic to offer the world around you. You will be felt from the heart by a soul that feels yours too. Beaucse thats what you are so worthy of. 

Please, my darling today I want you to free yourself.

Free yourself from what society makes you feel you must be or do, from beauty trends, others opinions. Accept yourself as you are for who you are, what you have to offer the world. Learn to embrace every bit of you because you are you, no one has what you uniquely can offer the world. You are more than your body. 

Lastly, be kind to yourself on this journey, take as much time as you need to grow, heal and accept you. You are exactly where you are meant to be. 


#bodyacceptance #bodypositive #selflove

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