Top 6 ways to get the most out of your workout

For as long as I can remember now Ive enjoyed working out to some capacity but there are times when I dont feel like it (yes, Im human too) but there are some things that keep me on track:

Consistency is Key - this is something I talk about continuously with my clients and my team. So when it comes to health and business this is number one in my books. I can’t even begin to telly how much this matters and it doesn’t matter what frequency you choose, as long as you are consistent at it. It may be 3 workouts a week or 5 days a week. But if you are going to the gym for 6 days one week and then a week off the next this is not consistent. Yes your muscles like change but they also like routine too, and to really see gains and progress in your workouts you need to be consistent. Try to make an appointment with yourself to get in the gym so you don’t miss the session. Consistency breeds habits, habits create a lifestyle. What will keep you consistent on a weekly basis?

Nutrition - We have all heard the saying, Abs are made in the kitchen. So this tip goes without saying right! So many people don’t consider nutrition when they are trying to get results. What about pre and post nutrition? How do you feel during your workout? With the years of training at a high level and learning how to fuel my body accordingly it really made a huge difference to my physical appearance and my training sessions. What maters most is you meet your body where its at, you fuel it to match your goals and workouts. Some of the clients Ive work with are training for marathons or body building comps and others are just increasing exercise for health benefits, to build up cardiovascular and their needs are very different.

So regardless of what you’re training for everyone can benefit from these foods: 

  • Cabbage (high in glutamine - great for recovery)

  • Spirulina (high amino acids and beta-carotene)

  • Turmeric (Great for inflammation)

  • Cherry Juice (Reduces sore muscles and fights inflammation) 

  • Protein as a whole (From plant based or high quality animal protein) 

  • Healthy Fats - coconut oil, nuts, seeds and avocados 

  • Seaweeds ( high in iodine which support our thyroids and hormones) 

  • Sea Salt (helps replenish electrolytes especially if you sweat a lot)

  • Coconut Water (electrolytes and great quick carbohydrate source) 

  • Pumpkin Seeds (Zinc) 

  • Brazil nuts (Selenium - powerful antioxidant, thyroid and metabolism support)  If you have body composition or specific sports goals, you’ll need a detailed program and plan to follow. As a fitness professional I love creating programs to help meet your specific goals. Feel free to email me, or sign up today and start 1-1 coaching.

Lift Weights - If you don’t already, what the heck are you waiting for? And girls, no you won’t get too big. It won’t make you bulky! I get this all the time from my female clients. Ive been lifting weights for close to 10 years now and I love how it strengthens my body and gives me a healthy body for the future (posture and balance). Lifting weights also helps stimulate lean body muscle masse - strengthening, toning, tightening and enhances your overall look. Having more muscle mass actually lowers your body fat. Having more strength means carrying out our daily tasks easier, supports our posture, core and spine. Great for maintaining healthy hormones and bone healthy.

Did you know our bodies actually burn more calories post weights workout than cardio?

So even whilst you’re sitting your body will burn more calories the more weights you include. Remember that muscles weights more than fat so if you want to be tracking your progress its best to do measurements or body fat % tracker. So if you see the scale increase but your waist line shrinking then who cares what the numbers say! 

Music - I don’t know how people can train without it. But if you are one of those people, my hats off to you! I love music blaring in my ears keeping me motivated to go harder, faster and lift heavier. It really does give me the extra push I need sometimes. There are studies to prove music of some types can change the way the body moves in workouts. And hey, why not have a dance around in between sets with your tunes.

Routine - just like creating a morning routine, its important to set your day up for success and make time to create a routine for your workouts and stick to it. Because Ive been training a little while and can write my own programs, I usually try mix them up every 8 weeks. Most days I prefer to stick to a plan when I go to the gym, so I know exactly what Im doing. But you don’t have to, just try and stick to a workout routine for 3 months before changing it up. Keep it fun and interesting. 

Rest - one of the most overlooked but most important components of training. Your results will actually improve and your recover time will be faster. You’ll feel more energetic and probably notice results quicker. You must not only refuel with nutrition but with sleep and rest too. To give your muscles the time they need to rebuild and strengthen before your next workout. 

Things I personally love and include in my weekly training - Foam Rolling, Theragun, Saunas, Epsom Salt Baths (when I can), Collagen and Turmeric. 

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