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If you know me well enough you know I love to share some of my favourite things out there to help you live your healthiest and best life.

If you have read my pervious post on the harmful effects of the blue light you will know that Ive shared the dangers of screens before. I also have had a pair of blue lens glasses for a long time now but the thing that I didnt love was they were really expensive and not so flashy looking! So you can imagine my excitement when I found @baxterblue_, I mean they're super trendy, they give back and they are so damn affordable. Winner in my books!

So I got in touch with the company to chat to their founder to learn more about them and where the idea came from.

Hi Aaron,

Thank you so much for taking the time out to chat today with me and so that I can share with my readers exactly what Baxter Blue is all about and how it can help them.

Im a huge fan not only of companies who are creating huge changes but also giving back. So I’m really excited for todays interview.

Great to meet you Rebecca and so happy to be able to share some knowledge with your readers

So I guess the first question to ask is, what is blue light and what are some of the symptoms we may experience from long term exposure to the artificial blue light?

Blue light is all around us, it exists naturally in the sun as well as in artificial light sources such as smartphones & computers, where it’s used to make the screens bright as well as being energy efficient. Our eyes are not very good at blocking this blue light and particularly more so with children’s eyes that are not developed enough. Without getting too technical, blue light waves are the shortest and highest wavelengths in the visible light spectrum with these shorter stronger wavelengths having more energy than the other wavelengths in the spectrum and recent studies have shown that over exposure to this blue light from digital screens may have detrimental effects on our health such as digital eye strain, sleeping disorders and recent studies have shown this may increase the risk of macular degeneration

I would assume there is a rise in these sorts of problems with the way we live in this world today.

So tell me, the exciting part - Who is Baxter Blue? Tell me what Baxter Blue are all about, and where did the fab name come from? How long have you been around etc

At Baxter Blue we recently celebrated our 1st birthday so that was pretty special. Our mission is to educate the world that there is a solution to sore eyes, headaches, migraines, etc as a result of exposure to the artificial blue light that we are exposed to everyday from the many digital devices that people have. Did you know that 65% of Australians suffer from digital eye stain everyday with many just accepting that this is part of being on a computer & not knowing that there is a solution out there.

We are also very proud of our ‘pair for pair’ pledge, whereby every time a pair of Baxter’s are sold, we donate a pair of reading glasses to those in need through our partnership with the Restoring Vision foundation – so far through our donations we have given sight to tens of thousands of people.

I’d like to give you a really cool story about how we arrived at the name but the reality is we were looking for a memorable name that was catchy & as you can see we have also incorporated the word blue in there

So I’ve had a pair of these overly expensive glasses for many years, the difference I noticed was definitely the stylish frames you guys have but I also wondered how you were able to create a clear lens rather than a blue one?

Our Blue+ lenses in our glasses have been specifically developed to filter out the short wave harmful blue light, with our clear lenses being aesthetically pleasing and not changing the colour perception of a digital screen.

The blue light filtering component in our lenses is part of the actual lens not a coating on the outside and we also have a anti-reflective coating to reduce the glare off the digital screens and enhance your viewing experience as well as offering 100% UV protection.

So what are some of the great results and stories coming from clients/customers using Baxter Blue? Have they been able to relieve symptoms previous to wearing the new eyewear? In what time frame?

The feedback we get from our customers still to this day, blows us away! Most people had been suffering from the symptoms of digital eye strain such as headaches, sore eyes & regular migraines not know there was a solution & after wearing their Baxter’s have seen these symptoms totally disappear. People wearing their Baxter’s at night have also seen them fall asleep easier as well as having a better night’s sleep as a result of our lenses filtering out the blue light that mucks up their circadian rhythm & reducing the release of the melatonin hormone that helps us sleep.

What’s really cool is seeing all these comments on a daily basis on social media with many comments from people saying that they are jumping on the ‘Baxter Blue bandwagon’! That makes us pretty proud.

What about for the kiddies? And those who already need to wear glasses - do you make them to suit?

Today, kids grow up surrounded by digital devices. And that means they're heavily exposed to screens from a very young age when their eyes are still developing – making them even more at risk for potential long-term damage. They don’t have pigments in their eyes (as adults do) to provide some protection, so the blue light can pass straight through to the retina and the damage may be cumulative. In fact, most damage from blue light exposure occurs before children reach the age of 20. With digital devices now part of every child’s everyday learning and communication, we can’t stop them using their laptop or smart phone however we can be proactive in protecting their eyes from long term damage.

If you already wear glasses most Optometrists offer blue light protection as an add on to your prescription & it’s just a matter of asking them about it.

Is there anything you would like to leave us with?

I’d just like to thank you for the interview & if any of your readers have any questions about our Baxter’s to reach out to us on Thanks

We’ve also organised Free Express Shipping for all of your readers, all they have to do is enter “FFWEXPRESS” at the checkout.

Thank you so much! I am so grateful for your time today and really excited about sharing your mission with others!

I am already loving my new pair! I think I may need to get myself another colour!

To learn more about the effect of blue light & to see the incredibly trendy range of blue light glasses, head to


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