Updated: Aug 7, 2018

Why are you so scared of uncertainty?

Uncertainty, is a common concern I work through with my team and clients. And hey, I was just like you - I had so much of it. It scared me to not be able to predict the future or be where i wanted to be yet. 

Its like you think we have somewhere to get to! 

A final destination, when you get there, its like you feel you have finally made it! You can now breathe and finally be happy.

But something happens when you live your life like this, you never get ‘there’. 

Because once you arrive when you thought you wanted to be, you start to see that so have all your insecurities, your not enough ness. They have all arrived with you. No relationship or weight on the scales is ever going to change this. No amount of money, followers, dates are going to make up for your lack of self love, self acceptance and self esteem. 

What and who are you comparing yourself to anyway?

Where did these goals and expectations come from? Your social media platforms?

Your parents expectations? People who have let you down? Peoples opinions that only come from their own projections, personal experiences and own insecurities. Their own shit. 

Is that what you're creating your happiness on? I say F that! 

You are exactly where you are meant to be right now! Exactly!

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that weight you are wanting to lose or the dream man you are searching for, or the house you are saving to buy isnt when your life begins.

Life is already happening right now! You're living it now!

This is it! 

You cling so tight and let the ides of where you should be control you. 

Let me ask you this - how has that been working out for you? 

What would happen if you let go, what if you surrendered to what is. 

What if you allowed yourself to just be really happy right now, right here?

To feel loved and safe?

Eventually like myself you will learn to love the challenges, the ride, the growing, the pain, the unraveling. Because as sucky as it can sometimes be, this is where the true peace is. Surrendering has so much power. 

I know you feel scared, unsure and slightly scattered  with things that are out of your control and thats ok. I know sometimes you can feel really lost and like you are carrying a heavy burden. 

But let me tell you this, you aren’t lost at all. You are just expanding and growing. 

Its time to let go of the hold uncertainty has on you. Its time to embrace it. Let go of the need to have it all figured out to be where you think you should be.

Learn to accept what shows up for you as this is happening for you, not to you. Its life how its meant to be for you. 

You have to just trust. Trust that there is meaning to it all. Everything connects together eventually. People and opportunities will come and go - all of it happens how it is meant to. 

Trust the timing of your life, always. 

The universe is waiting to give you the magical life you deserve, are you making space for it? 

Lets work together on this - contact me here for 1 on 1 coaching.

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