Understanding the Strong Girl

The strong girl wont settle for boys who disrespect her, she wont hold onto friendships, relationships nor clients that are toxic. She wont let anyone bring her down, they do not remain in her life if they do. 

You have super high standards and you are definitely not a hypocrite. You hold yourself to these so much that you expect yourself to reach the stars, and the days where you experience bouts of weakness you beat yourself up. Those days when you overeat, don't eat ‘clean’ healthy food. The days where you feels unmotivated, procrastinate, don't go to the gym and just don't get enough done. 

But its these strong girls that of course no matter how much you achieve in life, no matter how much love you give, you keep on pushing harder and further. You want to be more, do more - why, because you know you are so capable of more.

You are insecure, you believe you have so much more potential that you have not yet reached. You absolutely trust that you will succeed but you just wish you could see more progress.  You want to know you are on the right path, that you are following your purpose, your passion. You want your faith to be justified, you want to be shown a sign. 

No-one sees how terrified these strong girls are. No one notices how you struggle to stay strong every day. 

You look like you have it altogether, so your friends and family don't think you need any reminders of how beautiful and talented you are. How much they love you, how much they think you are rocking it. They just don't say anything at all. But deep down you are screaming for them to encourage you, tell you that you are doing your best, and that your best is absolutely enough.

The strong girl may look like a super hero, but rest assured she is still very much human. You still need love and support and encouragement. 

Strong girls are selective about who they have in their lives, who they spend time with, you choose who you keep close, who you want in your life and who matters. You feel like these people deserve the best, and you will do anything for those you care about and love, you will give them everything. As much as happiness as you can. But this is tiring, and draining. Its hard enough to take care of yourself before adding the desire to help others so much - its a wonder sometimes you even survive. 

But the strong girl does - you always find enough energy to make it through your day with a huge smile on your face. Because you are not the type to give up! You are a fixer, a giver and an achiever.

Even though on some days your weaknesses may slow you down and you may not feel like the strong girl you are. This never stops you. You have learnt to turn off and ignore the nasty critic in your head that says you aren't enough, you aren't giving enough, you aren't pretty enough, strong enough, loving enough, experienced enough. 

The strong girl sets her mind straight, goes out to achieve whats on her list of goals- even when you are not sure you can succeed. You never give up! 

You cant blame yourself for feeling insecure some days, its because you have super high standards. Because you never feel enough, like you earn enough, do enough, be enough.

And you know that you can be so much more than you already are - so you continue to play the game, you aren't going to stop until you feel its your reality! 

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