Unnecessarily Plastic

We make nearly a billion tons of plastic every three years. Which is a less painful way of saying we make nearly 2,000,000,000,000 pounds of plastic every three years.

Some scientists say that if we made cling wrap out of all the plastic we have made in the last few decades we could wrap it around the entire planet earth. 

What about this - 8 million tons of plastic end up in our ocean each year! 

Did you know plastic takes from 500 -1000 years to degrade! 

Whats more of a horrible statistic is that 50% of the plastic we actually use is only used that one time, sometimes for a very short time. 

So let me share with you what I have done to help NOT contribute to this ongoing problem.

  • Take Away Coffee Lids - I do not use them! If for some reason I end up getting a take away coffee I always ask for NO lid. Reusable cups are the way to go always - KeepCup is my choice. The glass ones are beautiful. 

  • Water Bottles - its simple buy a reusable bottle! You can get some super nice glass or stainless steel ones. 

  • Straws Seriously who invented these crazy things!!! Over 500MIL plastic straws are used every day in America!!!!! Why???? Are they too lazy to figure out how to have a drink without a straw, maybe their necks dont work the same over there! I understand that some people may need a straw for medical reasons, but the rest of us, whats your excuse? 

  • Plastic Shopping Bags - If you think the coles and woolies ones aren't so pretty, then find yourself some super nice ones. There are some awesome reusable ones out there now! Some places have actually banned the use of them or they charge a small fee for them! I love that! 

  • Cling Wrap//Zip Lock Bags/Plastic Containers - Start using glass jars, stainless steel or glass food containers. You can even use aluminium foil over and over again. Its reusable, if you want something thats like that. 

If you need to use disposable - use paper not plastic (for parties, picnics etc)

Choosing Paper over Plastic when there is an option. 

Anything in a box instead of a bag. 

Produce thats wrapped in plastic, like seriously??? Single pieces of fruit? 

I saw the saddest video just recently with a beautiful little turtle, who had a straw stuck in his nose. It was horrific to watch the researchers who found him try and remove it, it was in so much pain. 

We need to take more care with our environment, it is not to be taken for granted, cause one day there will be no such thing as nature and animals. 

Lets all do our little bit to help.

If you have any other suggestions to share on how we can make more of a difference to our environment, and how you have replaced plastic - would love to hear about it, just add to the comments : 

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