Wait for Him

Don't waste your time and energy on the wrong one. 

The right one is out there, and he is working on himself so that when you meet he will be ready for you and all your amazingness. 

Just know when the right time does arrive, he will lay all his cards on the table, he will be honest and straight to the point. 

He will know the risk in doing this but he will also know that you are worth it.

There will be no running, no games and no excuses.

He will make you feel warm and safe, he will make sure you are aware of his feelings and that they are real, and they aren't going anywhere because they are a conscious decision he makes everyday now that you are in his life.

He will feel your caution and slight hesitation but he wont rush you, he will just hold you tight and allow you to melt inside his arms. 

One night you will find yourself smiling as you fall asleep next to him knowing that he was worth every painful minute you had to wait, cause finally, you had it.

You had found the love you deserved, the one you were meant to receive. The love that was returned to you the way you gave it to others. The kind of love that makes you want to stay awake because your reality is better than your dreams. 

The kind of love that you don’t need to question or judge, because you know and feel that both of you are on the same page. 

Although you are from different worlds, Its the kind of love thats guided by the same principles, values and beliefs.

This love you will not find anywhere else, because its a love that was felt right from the moment you met. 

This is the kind of love that’s meant to last a lifetime, and the love that you’re supposed to wait for. 

Protect it. Keep it. Fight for it.

Don’t settle for anything less than this kind of love ever. And girl, if you have to wait for it, however long, you must. 

You must learn to trust that this is the love you deserve. 

Don’t try to justify any other interaction that isn’t like it is with him – a connection that doesn’t feel right, because you’re just toying with your emotions and trying to fill a void whilst you patiently wait. 

There is a secret in all this too - do not go searching for this kind of love because this is the kind of love that unexpectedly finds you. He will search for you. 

This love will arrive. He will arrive, so wait for it. 

I promise he will be worth the wait. 

Here’s the best part, I want you to remember, your life is already pretty damn amazing, you are beautiful, funny, smart and successful - so it’s not like you are actually sitting by your phone ‘waiting’. 

You are so busy living your happy, social, soulful life and going out interacting and meeting others, maybe you'll even go on other dates... but just know the time will just pass you by.

Continue being you, living and growing into the best version of you and know that he will find you and when he does your heart will explode….soon enough you will wonder how you ever lived without him. 

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