What are the benefits of becoming more Plant Based?

What is thing that all healthy diets have in common. They are all based around plants. From vegan to vegetarian to paleo to low carb. Almost all diets are designed to help you be more healthier by including enough plant food in your diet. Vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains and beans included. 

I am not here to tell you that you can’t eat high quality meat products but I definitely am a huge advocate of a more plant based diet for most. Eating a diet rich in colourful nutrients is beneficial for everyone. 

So what makes up a plant based diet?

Im sure you have heard the term ‘plant-based’ many times before, but what does it actually mean? 

PLANT BASED AND VEGAN ARE NOT THE SAME THING - The great thing about being plant based is that plants as the name suggests is that you simply make the base of your diet and lifestyle around plants. At its core its plant based and consists of minimal processed non animal ingredients. Where you can these are local and organic possibly even in season.

ITS NOT RESTRICTIVE - unlike the vegan diet which can feel quite restrictive, being plant based allows for more individualised diet. Vegan diets suggest that its followers never use any animal products, which also includes lifestyle. Things like clothing and beauty. Its not necessarily healthier. There are so many vegan food options are are definitely not healthy and are highly processed. 

Being plant based becomes very much a lifestyle. You become more conscious of what the benefits are of the produce you and food you are putting your body. You also become much more aware of the chemicals and other things you are using in your home and on your body. It becomes an overall lifestyle change. 

You become better at listening to your body as you start to include much more nourishing foods to your diet. Become mindful of how food is affecting your body, mind and overall health. 

What are the benefits of a more plant based diet?

A plant based diet includes foods that are very rich in nutrients, containing vitamins, minerals, fats, fibres, antioxidants and even proteins that all help the body to thrive. When you consume food in its whole form without it being processed you are getting it when its the most nourishing. Mother Nature is incredible and has made foods perfect as they are. When you process foods it stops away a lot of the original nutrition, not to mention you are more often than not adding sugars, salts and other chemicals to replace what was removed. 

To put it simple - eating plant food in its natural form, or close to it helps the body to function at its best, boost the immune system, provide antioxidants and can be high anti-inflammatory. You are no longer stressing your bodys systems with foreign unnatural substances. When we fill our body with nutrients and ingredients that it dislikes its creates stress and the body needs to work harder to process what you have given it. 

Plant based diets have shown to stabilise blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, prevent diabeties, help protect and prevent us from chronic diseases and in return as a side effect can help us find our healthy weight.

Our bodies are extremely clever, they know what they need when it comes to nutrition and its incredible we crave certain things in times of need. I suggest you definitely give being more plant based and pay attention to how good your body feels. 

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