What makes you feel alive?

DAIRY-FREE. Gluten-free. Vegan. Paleo. High Intensity Interval Training, lifting to fatigue, high reps with low weight, low reps with high weight, steady state cardio, fat-burning zone…

 Its a no wonder we are confused….and still unhealthy!

What does health mean to you? There are so many wonderful definitions of health; ‘fitness, wellbeing, wholeness, wellness, flourishing-condition, being in tune with your body, mind and spirit, free from disease.
 No where in there does it say eat this certain diet, the space you must leave between meals, portion sizes, follow this exact fitness routine. Yet we still have come to believe that there is a one size does fit all, that there is some secret to achieving the healthy body you desire. 
 I once read that when you start on a new, healthier lifestyle (whether that means losing extra kgs, lowering inflammation in your body, gaining muscle), it takes something like four weeks for you to feel a difference, eight for your friends to take notice…and twelve for everyone else! Ok, so I might have read it on the almighty scientific journal called Instagram – but I like the idea it teaches slow and steady changes.
 When it comes to healthy habits and wellness, one size never fits all!! But yet we act like it does: going Paleo simply because it worked for a friend or we take up running (even though we hate it) because another friends swears it helps drop the kgs! 
 I am no angel to this, I have been in this exact boat, I used to think very much like I needed to do this, experience this, I was doing that wrong because so and so said. etc
 But now as I mentioned above – I am becoming more in tune with my body, mind and spirit. As health is so much more to me now that it is being aesthetically pleasing. Health is all about finding your happiness. Not obsession. Its about having respect for your body, about love for your body, your mind, your organs, the person that you are internally. 
 To achieve this state of true health and happiness it requires you to listen to your body and what it really needs. Listening to the joys and the pains. If you listen closely enough you will hear it, it will give you so many clues on which direction it wats to head in. 
 Its amazing how many people stay on restrictive diets, eat certain super foods or log every single calorie just simply because they have been told its a must! But you are the only expert – you can be given the tools but you must feel it along the way making changes accordingly to what your personal body requires. 

 In no way am I saying what a doctor or health/medical profession is prescribing you is wrong, just asking you to take some time to really listen to what your body needs… does it feel good, does it thrive on what you are doing, or do you find it a daily struggle. 
 When you make decisions from love instead of them being a drag – they will stick in the long term. 
This is why with all my clients we work one on one together and make changes accordingly to how the body actually feels, what it is needing week to week. I am constantly asking “how does that make you feel?” Do you feel this or that…. Are you happy? What can we change? So I want you to ask yourself today –

What makes you feel alive?
Are you living a life that makes you glow from the inside out!

If a green juice a day makes you feel vibrant then fantastic! If a bit of organic grass fed meat makes you bounce with energy and helps your system runs smoothly then do that! So I guess this can answer the question for some; as to why I decided to go vegetarian this year after almost 30 years eating meat, and consuming it in the recent future at least 5 times per day following a very strict routine. I am simply listening to my body! I wasn’t feeling good so I made changes. And now my body thrives on it! I feel like I have enormous amounts of energy, I glow internally, I never feel bloated anymore, the whites of my eyes are actually white, I have a clearer mind…..I feel calm, I feel happy! I am at peace with myself. Yes I still do exercise, but its not a hard slog and I don’t feel like I must do it or else, and If I want to do cardio, guess what I do it!!!! I now enjoy yoga often, I run when I feel like it, I go to the gym sometimes, I just keep my body moving daily – but I do what makes me happy and feel good! And I think that is the key to success and changing your body! Your body will always find its balance if you listen. Health is about eating, moving, thinking and acting for your best self. Health is about learning to listen to your body and honoring what it has to say.

If you need help getting in tune with your body – email me! I would love to help!

I would love to know what you have tried, and whats worked for you and what hasn’t?

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