Wholefoods Market: Heaven for Adults

The first thing we do when we arrive in the states is head to Wholefoods. If you are yet to experience this place you are missing out! Its like a candy story for adults.

Whilst some might love the burgers in America or go on a shopping spree in Beverly Hills for me im all about spending endless hours in the funky health food stories amongst all the organic goodness. When you have an appreciation for health and living a whole food lifestyle this place seriously makes your heart sing.

I don't know anyone who's a health nut who doesn't rave about this amazing place. From the moment you step into the shop, it is glowing with colours, there are delicious smells and the place is literally jam packed from floor to ceiling with so many goodies.

This place will make you healthy and it'll make you broke too! It may also drive your partner nuts too! Not even kidding, I would make my partner walk an hour across the city to get to one if we had to!

Be warned the store is full of everything you can imagine from organic fruit and veg, to beauty products, supplements, bulk food, health cook books, vegan food, paleo food, frozen food, you name it, you'll find it in there! They have an amazing self serve salad and hot food bar too where you can help yourself. But be warned, it goes by weight not the size of the box, I learnt that the first time I ever went to whole foods in New York and filled it up to the brim and it was like $22 at the counter.

Another reason we love stopping by whole foods when we are staying in a place for quite a few days, is we often buy our breakfast from there so that we don't have to eat out every day, all day. Our go to is a non dairy yoghurt, mixed berries and some sort of granola or muesli.

They have the most insane variety of kombuchas! I actually lose my mind! Be warned though, some stores will actually ask you for I.D, because it contains 'alcohol' due to its fermentation.

One of my favourite tonics to have whilst Im travelling. You can get a few different little ones.

Have you visited whole foods in the states before? Whats your thoughts?

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