Why I choose Coconut Water vs Sports Drinks

Updated: Jun 3, 2018

You may have noticed on my Instagram that I often share my meals, pre and post workout nutrition and so many other foodie favs. 

So why is it that I choose to drink coconut water pre workout and why not sports drinks or other sport supplements?

Research shows that coconut water has everything that a typical sports drink has and so much more. Im sure over the years you have seen many athletes promoting drinks like gatorade and powerade but you may not have seen any with a box of coconut water in their hand. 

Many people are still probably not aware of the incredible benefits the natural water has for us and our bodies. 

Firstly when choosing coconut water, you must be aware that not all are created equally, like anything take your time to read the labels and find a suitable one. Check the ingredients list for any added goodies. Choosing one that is all natural, no additives and certified organic if you can. The difference between the sports drinks and our natural coconut water is that there is no processing to create it, no added sugars or colours are required! Unlike the orange and blues you may find in your sports drinks! Ugh! This to me if nothing else is enough of a reason to switch it over if you are still drinking these bright coloured beverages. 

Another great thing about Coconut Water is the potassium content. Coconut water actually has 5 times more potassium that your average sports drink. 

Our diets today generally are very high in sodium and low in potassium, which is a mineral we need for general health and is great to help us with preventing muscles cramps during and after exercise. 

Some will still debate that they need the sugar and sodium content to run marathons and perform at much higher intensity. But some studies have shown that there is no difference between performance when comparing the two drinks during and post workout. 

Regardless of what the studies show or which you choose to believe, there is no doubt that the natural coconut wins in my opinion as the healthier alternative for moderate to high intensity workouts. Its such a great natural option to give you the energy you need and the minerals that help you to recover. 

My pre workout shake consists of coconut water, protein powder (plant based) and a whole organic apple. 

What do you use for recovery or energy pre workout?

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