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My mission is to inspire and help as many people as I can – empower everyone young and old to live the life they love, to wake up every day feeling alive.

I first discovered my love for fitness and nutrition when I realised I could transform peoples lives by changing what they ate and how they moved their bodies. Growing up I did gymnastics, played netball, swam and did dancing most of my younger years. It wasn’t until I turned 17 that I started modelling and doing photographic work.

But I wasn’t always a pretty picture of health, I had my fair share of partying days and misbehaving – or growing and learning as I would call it now. Life has an amazing way of teaching us its many lessons.

The unhealthy need to look a certain way, started off my journey in fitness. I started training all the time, running, boxing, weight training… I loved it! I was addicted.

I began reading articles in magazines and online.. I was clearly in love! I didnt realise it yet, but I really had found my lifes purpose.

Fitness, Health, Nutrition, Dieting, Sports Models….. I was so inspired at what I was finding. I started writing my own programs and diets…. then I started helping my friends and co-workers get amazing results. I thought this is it, not only did I love helping others, but I was really good at it.

Throughout this time I had a bad experience with some sports supplementation (use of strong fat burners which for many reasons I don’t recommend) this meant I experienced panic attacks, anxiety and sleepless nights. This then led me to learn some more of life’s wonderful lessons, finding contentment with forms of: Meditation, Yoga and daily affirmations.

Giving up partying and alcohol and processed foods….then ‘dieting’ & ‘preparing’ for competition/photo shoots….my body transformed into an amazing lean physique. I was then obsessed and caught up in the world of bodybuilding and extreme dieting, creating a unhealthy body image and mindset.

I was unnecessarily training twice sometimes three times a day whilst working 50-60 pt sessions a week, with no time for family or friends, eating a very restrictive and boring diet…. My life was somewhat very unbalanced. Having the wrong coaches definitely led me down a few bad streets and has left me with some interesting health issues.

Beginning of 2013, I made the choice to move and start fresh. I moved from sydney to the gold coast, but leaving everything behind meant repercussions (read about it here) going through my worst case of depression. But it was this experience I will be forever grateful for as it has led me on a new journey to finding complete wellness, healing and true happiness through having a healthy mind, abundance of good nutrition and loving myself – no longer having the need for external happiness.

Before now I was always under the impression that to obtain the perfect physique meant I had to eat certain restrictive foods and in a certain way at certain times of the day. Being at 11% body fat and looking like you are healthy doesn’t always mean that you are. Looks can be very deceiving.

Since finding super foods, eating a diet rich in colour and nutrients means that I still look great but I can guarantee I am also super healthy internally.

Wanting to take this journey and my business to help others further I decided I needed to study again; it seems that spending hours reading and self learning was just not enough – I am now a student at Endeavour College studying Nutritional Medicine and Naturopathy.

I know that my journey through self healing and discovery, its many lessons in finding health wasn’t by accident, it was so that I could in return help heal, inspire others and create the ripple effect in changing the world.

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