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Firstly I apologise for being so delayed with this weeks You Inspire Me series — I have had many long nights and days studying for final exams..thank you for your patience! As I know you all love reading these each week….. Finally I get to bring you this weeks amazing woman! Alyse Cocliff, now this girl is full of surprises! Despite what you might think, Alyse isn’t your typical health nut; her approach to health is refreshingly simple, extremely effective and highly contagious: no diets, no fads and absolutely no shady business. Alyse seems to know how to have fun and enjoy whilst maintaining that all-important balance. Her zest for life and passion for health and wellbeing is contagious.

Through her live events, recipe collections, coaching clients and online community, Alyse is beginning to change our understanding of what it really means to be healthy. You must head to her blog/website known as ‘AN APPLE A DAY’ and try some of her amazing recipes you will not be disappointed…

Alyse, Describe yourself in one sentence:

Inquisitive, driven and hilarious

I love this! haha shows your character when you describe yourself in that way… Alyse in the short time I’ve got to know you I can see just how passionate you are about health and wellbeing for yourself and to others, not only this but you like to include lots of factual information in your blog articles, I think this is great, sometimes in our industry its very much needed. So what is it that motivates you to get up every day and be who you are and do what you do?
Each morning, I wake up with the intention of understanding something new. Whether this newfound information concerns the human body, the world that we live in, general health and wellbeing, human behaviour or even understanding myself just that little bit more, new discoveries, just like these, are incredibly empowering. I love going to bed at night knowing that I grew just that little bit more than I did yesterday.

And that is why you stand above the rest….What kinds of things inspire you? And who do you admire or find inspiration in?

If you have ever watched the documentary, “Finding Joe”, you will know that the every ‘hero’ makes their way through a series of events in their life to reach the end goal and come out on top. Those people who are brave enough to make that journey inspire me. Where do I find those people? I married one, my parents are another, my clients inspire me everyday, people I meet at university, people I chat with at conferences, I even listened to an incredible podcast just the other day about a man who survived the holocaust. I guess you could say that I find inspiration in every day; it’s just that some days I have to look a little harder than others.

Was there a wake up call or ‘aha’ moment in your life that you realised you had to make a change or that you wanted to create this change in the world around you?

I guess I would have to say the time I spent preparing for another season of modelling in the United States. There was a lot of emphasis on body image in the US and as a result I had to get in the best shape of my life (and then some more). To do that successfully, I was religiously following the advice of a number of health professionals, I was eating lots of protein, no carbs, counting calories, working out twice a day, etc.

After weeks of following this plan, I got some incredible physical results. I went to visit my agency here in Australia and they were so happy with my progress – I looked great; but what struck me was that no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t find the strength to be excited with them, I was physically and emotionally exhausted. My agent at the time saw this, and we decided it was best to cancel the rest of the day’s plans and go home for some much needed sleep. Almost twenty-three hours later, I woke up, made a cup of tea, sat at my computer and decided that enough was enough; it was time to start my own research. What I soon realised was that the reason I was feeling so terrible was because I was suffering from a severe hormone imbalance, extreme adrenal fatigue, irritable bowl, leaky gut… the list went on. I was a mess, but before too long I finally had the information to do something about it.

Wow, sounds like you have experienced a lot of your own health concerns, which in return allows you to really understand your clients no doubt,

What or who was it that inspired you to create your health coaching business and blog, which allows you to help and inspire others?

It wasn’t too long after I decided to change my ways that other people (friends and family) also started asking questions about their health and wellbeing. I through myself into more research gained a qualification and as a result, I started to help others one by one. Before too long, this grew into a coaching business and here we are.

Self Love is so important, and something a lot of females struggle with, is this something you have struggled with yourself? ...and Tell us what are the 3 things you love most about yourself

It’s funny, before I started modelling; I never once questioned my appearance. I was fit, healthy and happy. It wasn’t until I became a model that things started to unravel and the negative self-talk started. I guess you could say that it comes with the territory, if people judge you on your appearance, you can’t help but judge yourself.

For a while there, I struggled with my athletic body shape. I remember having to do a “weigh-in” in front of my US modelling agency. I had a pretty thick skin but this was humiliating. I was doing everything they had told me to do, but it still wasn’t enough. I still “weighed” more than the other girls and they let me know about it. No matter what I did, I was never stick thin, I was athletic and I hated it. Now, (with some work) I realise just how fortunate I am to have an athletic body, I love that I am fit and healthy.

What do I love about myself? I guess you could say that I love those things that make me different from everyone else, not just the way I look, but my drive, my determination and my quest for truth.

What would you say has been your biggest health challenge that you have had? How did you overcome it? How has it changed you, helped you to grow?

Without a doubt, healing my gut. It was a journey indeed and it involved a lot of TLC and patience. However, in doing so, I was able to create a full proof plan that I now use to help others do the same. Once you heal your gut, everything else seems to fall into place so much easier.

I couldn’t agree more, the gut is what they say is like our second brain, such high importance, Im not sure people are aware of this….What advice would you give to someone who is going through their own personal challenges, hardships or lacking self belief? What do you think has helped you most through these times?

Every ounce of strength you need to overcome any hurdle in your life already exists within you. You just have to draw upon it.

My guess is that you believe you must take care of your mind, body and spirit as a whole to live and be the best version of yourself, would that be correct? If so how do you nurture these? And is it hard to keep up this lifestyle?

The key to living a healthy balanced life is simple; you have to make time for yourself. This has probably been one of the hardest things I have had to do (saying no to others in order to prioritise my health and wellbeing) however; it’s been the most rewarding.

Do you have a favourite inspirational quote, mantra or affirmation?

“The biggest mistake you could ever make is being too afraid to make one”

Thank you Alyse, you are a beautiful and very passionate person, Its been so wonderful having you as part of my “You Inspire Me’ series, would you leave us with one of your amazing and favourite recipes?

Choc Chia Zucchini Loaf

1 medium zucchini, shredded (2 cups shredded zucchini)

2 pastured eggs, whisked

¾ cup almond butter (or any nut or seed butter)

¼ cup raw honey, maple or rice malt syrup

¼ cup cacao powder

¼ cup coconut flour

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 tsp cinnamon

½ tsp baking powder + 1 tsp lemon juice, combined

32g or 4 tbsp of chia seeds

Pinch of Celtic/Himalayan salt

Preheat your oven to 180°C

Shred your zucchini either using the shredding attachment on your food processor or cheese grater

Place zucchini in a bowl with the rest of your ingredients; use ?a large spoon to mix well until all the ingredients are combined and you have a deep chocolate colour.

Line your loaf tin with baking paper before pouring your ingredients into the loaf pan.

Place in oven to bake for 25-30 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean when you poke it. Let it cool, cut and serve!

*NOTES: Due to the fact that his recipe doesn’t contain any raising agents, it does remain relatively flat however, this does not affect the delicious flavour.

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