Im so thrilled that my beautiful freind and someone who has also coached me a little on my journey through wellness is our first interview for 2016.

Ash is an Osteopath, Health and Wellness Coach, Speaker and Creator of Goodbeing. She is based on the Sunshine Coast and wholeheartedly passionate about educating, inspiring and empowering others to live their healthiest, happiest and most fulfilling lives.

Hi Ash, So lovely to have you as part of my series! So lets get started..... Can you describe yourself in one sentence

Happy, healthy, deeply inspired and incredibly grateful for living a life I love.

Who or what inspired you to create a change in your life, to help others and to become the lovely human you are today?

Thankyou for calling me a lovely human! My beautiful friend Sarah Jensen was probably the first person to introduce me into this kind of living. She gave me Miranda Kerr’s Treasure Yourself and Louise Hay's You can Heal Your Life about 5 years ago. These books sparked a huge journey for me that took me overseas to travel the world, a health retreat, nutrition study, self love practice, creation of a blog, journey into network marketing and connecting and working with the most incredible people on the planet!

Jess Ainscough was a huge inspiration for me, aswell as a good friend. I am inspired daily by the people around me, the people I connect with online and in real life, who are on their own journey to a life of amazing health and purpose.

Everyone who is open to 'growing' inspires me - we all have something incredible to offer the world, and if we are open to trusting the process, open to learning, and open to trying new things to find out what lights us up, and running with that, we are all going to live pretty amazing lives.

Amazing! I too started with Louise Hay and also adored Miranda Kerrs book - both so simple and very beautiful. So Ash, what was your wake up call or wow moment that you realised you had to change or create a change in the world around you?

I was overseas, backpacking, living the dream; one day i would be laying on the beach at St Tropez, the next riding a Gondola through Venice, it was spectacular - but I hit a wall and felt really flat. My intuition took me to a health retreat in the UK for 5 days where i cleansed from the inside out - and something just clicked. I felt incredible - and I wanted to show others how they could feel like this too. This was just the beginning....

I love that, because most of us in this industry all had the same sort of moments, where we just wanted others to feel as good - So tell me what advice would you give to those who are going through hardship or challenging times, what has helped you through your darkest days?

It can be hard. I know, I’ve had several of these times. I had a miscarriage a few years ago and it really rocked my world. Several months later I was mauled by a dog, just when I thought things were turning around. This took me a little lower. A couple of things that got me through these times – surrounding myself with people who bring a beautiful energy to the room. If you don’t know any, seek them out. Organise a catchup with people you know will inspire or energise you. Meditating is powerful for me. And also being organised, setting goals, and working with a mentor, or someone to help you achieve them is sometimes really valuable too, especially when the room is feeling dark.

Have a vision, and one of the most important things - always believe in yourself.

Self Love is so important; List 3 things you love about yourself?

a. My passion

b. My healthy body

c. The person that I am - I love and accept myself, and every day in every way I am getting better.

What is your biggest personal hurdle or health challenge that you have overcome and what did you learn from this experience? How has it changed or grown you?

As above. It gave me a glimpse of a world where I struggled to see the beauty in anything. This is so not like me. And it was hard. But to go through that makes me realise and understand what others who are going through tough times are experiencing. It’s not as simple as trying to say a few positive words, it needs to go a lot deeper than that. But persistence, belief and support will get you through.

Do you have a favourite motivation quote, mantra or affirmation?

Follow what lights you up and you'll light up the world.

So my guess is you believe that you should nourish your mind as equally as the body? If so why? And how do you do this? (Mind/Spiritually/Body)

Absolutely - the mind is incredibly powerful. You can eat all the good food in the world, but if you are negative, if you are not grateful, if you feel disconnected, things will always feel that way. Part of my learning to become an Osteopath ingrained that into me early on in my studies - one of the 4 philosophy's of Osteopathy - 'The body is a functional unit - an integrated unit of mind body and spirit' - so we should always treat it and live that way.

Please share with us what motivates you to get up and do what you do every day?

I love and appreciate my health – I’m grateful that I am able to do what I am, so I prioritise self care into my life. I’m here to make a difference in other people’s lives – it drives me every minute of the day. If I can show people how good it feels to be healthy, how much their life will be different, in so many ways – then I’d be deeply content with that.

And lastly because we all love food, what is your favourite recipe that always makes you feel good?

I'm a superfood NUT! I freaking love superfoods. So my Cinnamon Chicken and Superfood bowl is my new favourite - packed with superfoods, greens, herbs and spices - its a nutrient dense meal that will nourish you and your taste buds on every level!

I also have a sweet tooth - so my Cacao and Protein Boost balls are also a huge favourite in my household :)

Thanks so much Ash, I loved chatting with you. Keep being the amazing you and shining your light, we need more of you in this world.


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