You Inspire Me with Crystal O'Rourke

The first time I did 1 of Crystals classes at Essence of Living in Mermaid Beach, Gold Coast I couldnt believe the amazing energy this woman created, being in her presence was powerful.

For anyone who has met Crystal or even been lucky enough to attend one of her beautiful classes would know exactly what Im talking about! Shes so beautiful inside and out - someone who truly does glow from the inside.

Crystal teaches yoga, pilates and also does thai massage in lots of beautiful little yoga spaces on the Gold Coast, Australia.

When Crystal discovered yoga for the first time she was unaware then just how much it would change her life. Upon starting a weekly practise of yoga and searching for a deeper meaning of life, immediatly the magic of the asana unfolded.

“Everything just made sense, connecting movement to breath gave me an opportunity to pause, and look at the mirror within. I started to leave what wasn’t healthy and my practise on the mat started to influence everything I did off the mat, like a rippling effect. I felt the fears, worries & negative thought patterns shift. I started to live in the present, to see the beauty in the mundane, to breathe deeply, to connect to myself, and to others in a way I never had before…”.

Crystal, Thank you so much for joining me today, lets start with my favourite question and one that seems to stump most people a little.... describe yourself in one sentence.

loving, creating, nurturing, rising, empowering, exploring...

Ill never forget the first time I met you, you had this beautiful and amazing energy about you, the best part is, every time after that you were exactly the same, I was so impressed, you are one very special human…. I want to know what is your secret???

What is it that motivates you to get up and do what you do every day?

A big shift occurred for me when I started yoga… everything just made sense, connecting movement to breath gave me an opportunity to pause, and look at the mirror within… I started to get glimpses of living in the present, to see the beauty in the simplicity, to breathe deeply, to connect to myself and to others in a way I never had before… and that’s what motivates me to get up and do what I do every day… Every day I get to share this beautiful practice of yoga and there is nothing more rewarding then giving & sharing.

Absolutely, there is such beauty in sharing, So qhat kinds of things inspire you personally? And whom do you admire or find inspiration in?

For me, the inspiration to get on the mat is always changing… sometimes the desire to connect to breath, sometimes the need to heal, or other times to find peace and relaxation. But what inspires me most is movement, playing on the earth, moving from shape to shape, feeling the shift from lightness to heaviness, there is intensity about that and through the movement and breath it reveals what’s really going on….The anticipation of something spontaneous, or magical happening during my practice makes it more soulful, fun, and that’s an incredible reason to get on the mat….

I admire so many teachers and students on this path, to name a few teachers Michelle Merrifield, Mark Togni, Clare Merrifield, Laura Humphreys, Cameron Storey and Lance Schuler.

What or who was it that inspired you to start your journey, to share your passion and to teach others?

It all started at Essence Of Living… The teachers, the students, the community of like-minded people… The support, the energy, the spirit as a whole… I could see the impact and positive change being made on every- day people, including myself… and I wanted to be apart of that… There was no one teacher that inspired me to start this journey of teaching, but it was every experience I had, leading up to my initial Teacher Training course.

Aww I love Essence, one place i miss very much now Im back in Sydney, So was there a wake up call or 'aha' moment that you realised you had to make a change or that you wanted to create this change in the world around you?

Before teaching yoga, I had a corporate 9-5pm gig, but I was yearning for something more, something with a deeper meaning and purpose. Every night after work, I would return to the mat~ and that was like my oasis, my home. I could feel the rippling effects of yoga take place in my everyday life- the food I ate, the conversations I was having, the places I was occupying… I started to plant seeds of self-regulation and self-repair, and started to set intentions that I wanted to go deeper into this practice. I decided to enrol in my initial training… There was no ‘aha’ moment… everything unfolded before my eyes naturally and organically.

Beautiful how it all just happened so naturally your transition, like you were always meant to do it maybe? I know you would agree with me that Self Love is so very important, what are the 3 things you love most about yourself;

* My light- heartedness

* My ability to have deep faith

* But, what I love most about myself, is that I have given myself permission to dive heart first into the practice of yoga and to live, to truly live…


What would you say has been your toughest personal hurdle or a health challenge that you have had?

How did you overcome it?

I have had many challenges and hurdles come my way. As a yoga teacher it is very common to face burn out, lack of inspiration and motivation.

How has it changed you, helped you to grow?

But I have found that it is okay to be at a place of struggle or challenge. Struggle is just another word for growth. It is a clear indication of real and important progress. The only one who doesn’t struggle is the one who doesn’t grow…. I believe life will give us whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of our consciousness…

I like that, because of late I sure have had a few of my own 'struggles' and I also beleive most definitely is about growth.

What advice would you give to someone who is going through their own personal challenges, hardships or lacking self belief?

What do you think has helped you most through these tough times?

I have to say the practice of yoga always catches me wherever I am… Yoga is like a safety net~ it will always support us wherever we are… and ask us to go that one step deeper…

Those who are yet to try yoga, must, it is definitely an experience like no other....I know you like myself are a big believer in mind and body as a whole, spirituality plays a big part in happiness and health also… how do you make sure you nurture these aspects of your life?

I nurture myself by finding alone time to inspire myself with the gifts and love I have for myself. I can’t share authentically otherwise…

Do you have a favourite inspirational quote, mantra or affirmation?

'Live without pretending, love without depending, listen without defending and speak without offending…'

And lastly do you have any nutrition tips for success in the yoga studio?

One thing I truly believe is that if it grows, then that’s real food!...

But I by no means consider myself a nutritionist or someone whom is qualified enough to give advice on a healthy diet. I eat whatever my body asks for, whenever it asks for it and how much of it, it wants. I listen to my body.... That means sometimes I will eat very little and at other times I could possibly eat the entire universe. Everybody’s body obviously functions differently as well as our lifestyles and exercise routines differ… What works for me might be detrimental to another individual, so start by listening to your body… Whatever the case, what you put into your body is defiantly important, just eat like you like yourself!

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