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Sunday is upon us again, and its my favourite time of the week as its the chance I get to write my favourite interview blog pots to share with you all, and I have no doubt you will enjoy this weeks mini interview with the amazing Scott Gooding. This guy, not only successful, but extremely passionate about helping others achieve greatness and above all he has remained extremely humble. Scott is an advocate for health and fitness and promotes the path towards optimal health. An exercise specialist of 9 yrs and a background in exercise science, Scott has run a successful PT and bootcamp business in bondi since 2005. Scott recently appeared on MKR with his friend Luke Hines as “The Healthy Chefs” and promoted healthy cooking to families across Australia. Author of clean living series with 5 books released and the 6th out late 2015. And he is currently working on a healty cooking app for parents and kids Wow, Impressive if you ask me, and so grateful he had time to chat with me so I could share with you all! I love that Scott is continuously out there sharing his message about health and aims to positively influence what people eat and how they move on a day to day basis.

Describe yourself in 1 sentence I’m driven, compassionate and here for a good time!

So Scotty, What motivates you to get up and do what you do every day?

It’s pretty simple really…I genuinely enjoy what I do. Helping others and sharing a positive message is extremely rewarding and one I hope to continue to enjoy for many years.

I couldn’t agree more with you on that, there is an amazing feeling you get from helping others. So was it someone or something that inspired you to create this change in your life and to reach out and become the amazing person you are today? I guess who I am today has been shaped by all the people that have been present in my life. My mum and dad have been a positive influence as is my ex-wife. As you get older you should continue to grow and hopefully become a better person that’s been the case with me…I hope. With a deep-set passion for health it was natural to want to help others and steer them towards better alternatives even if that meant overcoming internal barriers myself. I feel I have a duty of care to others and want to positively influence how we move and what we eat.

Was there a wake up call or wow moment that you realised you had to create or make a change in the world? The biggest change of late would have to be appearing on MKR. Luke and I both went on to raise our profile and spread our message further and wider than we had done in the past. As a PT your audience is often relatively small but with a profile it’s possible to talk to many more. So I guess going from Bondi PT to a familiar face across the country it soon become apparent the gravity of your message and how to best use the opportunity.

That would have been a big change for you both, but how exciting. Im sure its not always sunshine and rainbows, there are many challenges in life, what has helped you through your darkest times? Do you have any advice for those who are experiencing any sort of hardship? Take solace in that everyone has dark days and tough times. Being depressed is often very isolating but everyone suffers from time to time and with varying severity, so don’t feel like you’re alone.

I’ve had episodes of depression which were linked to my health and the one thing had helped was to reflect on my situation, have empathy for myself but to not indulge in the negative emotions. Feelings and emotions are all temporarily and we all have the ability to change our mood and behaviours. I know when ever I’m feeling blue then exercise provides a lift that helps no end.

And having self Love is so important; What do you love most about yourself? Compassion and the Ability to laugh

Laughing is powerful medicine – What has been your biggest personal hurdle or health challenge that you have overcome and what did you learn from this experience, did it change grow you?

I experienced a severe back injury in 2005 which dramatically changed the nature in which I behaved in the world. Prior to the injury I was able to train indiscriminately. Having my health taken away from me affected my psyche no end and challenged my identity. I struggled for 7 yrs until last year when Ihad a break through. During the 7 yrs I experienced bouts of depression which were hard and I thank the close friends around me that helped me through.

During my injury I often said that if I was ever pain-free then I would never moan or be unhappy about anything and to be honest I’ve stuck to my word. I feel like I have a second chance on life and I’m loving it. Being injuried and living a life when your health is compromised i learnt to be patient and have empathy for myself but importantly to keep exploring and searching for paths that will benefit you and your health. Never rest on your laurels or settle for mediocrity.

Ive seen it all too much what the ‘injury’ can do to some, it can spiral them down or it can lift them high and propel them forward. Great that it made you learn and grow. Have you got a favourite motivation quote you can share with us?

You cannot plough a field by turning it over in your mind.

Too often do we forget the fact we are not just a body…..The mind is also extremely powerful.

Do you believe that you should nourish your minds as much as our bodies?

I believe we should absolutely nourish our minds; the body and mind are integral to each and the health of one cannot be fully acquire without the health of the other. I won’t pretend to nourish my mind as much as I should. I find it very difficult to switch off from work and do at times suffer from burn out. I am certainly aware of my misgivings which I think is half the battle and am trying to get better at it.

And lastly because we all love food and its your speciality, we want to know what is your favourite recipe that always makes you feel good! That’s a tough question….Tough because my choice of favourite recipes changes according to my needs, requirements and mood which changes many times throughout the day but ill tell you right now I’m craving a slow-cooked beef cheek. Yum

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