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This weeks gorgeous girl is the lovely Adelle Rutche owner of Welladelle Blog; a passionate, hippie at heart, small town girl who has reaped the benefits of getting back to nature after a rather stressful stint in the city. She’s an aspiring Nutritionist & Naturopath as well as Natural Makeup Artist…this all came from her finding appreciation of the beauty in natural things. I love that her mission is to make ‘living green easy’. She has a beautiful hand crafted e-book that can help guide you on green living…. check it out at her site.

Enjoy x

Welcome, Adelle! Can you describe yourself in one sentence

I am one passionate, nurturing and open individual with a love for Mother Nature, herbal medicine, health and fusing them all together.

Adelle, I love how passionate you are about health and sharing your tips with everyone on how they too can live a healthy lifestyle, What is it that motivates you every day to continue working towards your goals of helping others? How happy it is making me and how fulfilled I feel, a stark difference to the past. I have found my calling and cherish the ability I have to share it and see every day as an opportunity to grow on my knowledge and ultimately, help others heal.

What kinds of things inspire you? And who do you admire or find inspiration in? I find inspiration in Mother Nature and all that is living and breathing around us. We have this innate ability to connect and relate to Mother Nature should we choose to open our eyes and look or unblock our ears and listen, it’s beautiful. With regards to people, I admire people who are genuine and honest and stand up for their cause, it takes guts!

I love that, not enough people really truly appreciate mother nature and what she has to offer us. What or who was it that inspired you to create your blog, to help others and to grow into the amazing woman you are today? It was honestly a multitude of things, probably too many to list. I felt my story could help others during their soul searching or even just their simple desire to live a healthier life. Writing has always been my “thing”, my passion, my way of delivering my message as well as something I completely enjoy. I believe unbiased, honest and relatable information should be available for anyone and I am more than happy to share what I learn through my studies or my life experience. If I can help people to feel happier and healthier I have accomplished what I set out to do.

Was there a wake up call or ‘aha’ moment that you realised you had to make a change or that you wanted to create this change in the world around you? My own personal changes towards my health and attitude in general came about after a period of serious illness…keep up my partying and fast paced lifestyle = live an unfulfilled, unprosperous life or make some changes and truly thrive. I knew I had to share my story, past and current when I saw how many other people were burning the candle at both ends and just receiving complicated and confusing information about their health and lifestyle choices. It doesn’t have to be complicated, it’s all about listening, tuning in and nourishing yourself mind, body and spirit…everything else falls in to place.

Self Love is so important, especially as a female, what are the 3 things you love most about yourself - My nurturing instinct, - My distinctive “beauty spot” - My uncontainable laugh.

What would you say has been your biggest achievement, personal hurdle or a health challenge that you have had? I had about 2 years of non-stop health problems, serious bout of appendicitis, followed by chronic fatigue and then the pinnacle of it all…a breast lump.

How did you overcome it? The first hurdle I brushed it off as bad luck and one of those things that just happens, the second hurdle I thought “yep this is pretty crap!” but continued to push on because life wouldn’t be life without a 38 hour week and a buzzing social life right? By the 3rd hurdle I knew I had to do something about it…I have had a complete overhaul of my way of life and my way of thinking. I said goodbye to 4 day booze benders and hello to juicing and early morning yoga sessions, I said goodbye to people not helping me prosper and thrive and hello to likeminded souls and new opportunities and I have gained control of my ego and know when to listen to my gut. This is all still a work in progress but that is what I love, seeing the change whether dramatic or subtle.

How has it changed you, helped you to grow?

I truly believe you experience things for a reason and it has shaped my future, as hard as those years were I wouldn’t want it any other way.

What advice would you give to someone who is going through their own personal challenges, hardships or lacking self belief? What do you think has helped you most through these times?

Everyone is different and every personality handles situations differently, be gentle with yourself is first and foremost. I would say that I am incredibly strong willed and stubborn so I’ll be damned if I am not going to (eventually) achieve something I set out to do. My drive is what has helped me most through these hard times and learning to not settle for second best. I believe if we can learn to listen to our gut instead of the mindless chatter in our heads we can learn to only pursue the things that really nourish our soul.

I know as health coaches we like to think of the mind, body and spirit as a whole, do you agree? If so how do you nurture these? Do you always make time for these 3 things? Do I ever! I try my very best to make time for all 3 and when I do everything seems to be in this perfect balance. For me, I nourish my mind by switching off each day, heading to a yoga class or doing a mindful meditation. I nourish my body by moving as much as I can…if it means getting my (not so morning person) body out of bed at 5:30 a few days a week to go to a yoga class or for a walk, I’ll do it and I aim to only eat organic, wholefoods to fuel my body. I nourish my soul by feeding it what it needs, I am filled up by trips to the beach and time in nature, even if I just get a bit of sunlight on my skin for a bit I know I will feel instantly energised.

Do you have a favourite inspirational quote, mantra or affirmation? “Value yourself and the world will value you…”

Thank you Adelle, Its been great to have you as part of my “You Inspire Me’ series, I know how much you love healthy, nourishing foods, so if you could, would you share with us one of your favourite recipes?

I’d LOVE to. I though’t I’d share with everyone a delicious soup I made on a cool, rainy night here. I have my fingers and toes crossed that it gets cold soon! I would encourage everyone to use organic produce where possible:

Biggest bunch of coriander you can find! (my all time favourite ingredient)

1 lemon 50ml grapeseed oil 1 brown onion 4cm piece of crushed ginger 1 clove of crushed garlic 2 small chilies (more if you like it spicy, less if not!) 1 kg butternut pumpkin 500ml vegetable stock 400ml coconut milk Small bunch of lemongrass Salt and pepper to taste

Chop the butternut pumpkin in to small cubes and place in to stock and boil until mushy.

Pop the coriander, stems and all (save some for garnish), lemon juice plus a teaspoon of zest, chilies and garlic in to a food processor and blend, if you need a bit more liquid just add about 30ml of your grapeseed oil. Set aside.

In a pan, heat the rest of the oil, ginger and garlic.

By now, your pumpkin should be well and truly ready to blend, add the ginger and garlic that you have just cooked lightly. Pop it in a blender and once smooth, transfer back to your pot and add the coconut milk. Stir in the coriander mix you made.

Garnish with the remaining coriander and enjoy your rich, nourishing soup!

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