Your beauty has nothing to do with it

You know some days we just feel amazing, we are on fire. You look in the mirror and your skin is glowing, your eyes are sparkling and you just feel alive, youre absolutely killing it at the appearance game today. Then there are those others days when you cant stand the sight of you reflection, you dont like whos staring right back at you! 

There is a reason this happens, a reason one day you love yourself the next you hate on your body, but it has nothing to do with your appearance and everything to do with your mind. 

Ever noticed how you suddenly dont feel beautiful when certain situations arise. 

If he adored you, he would acknowledge your beauty, how captivating you are. But he wouldn't use words and compliments, he would show you with his eyes. The look that says how the heck did I end up with her? Why did she choose me over another man? How lucky am I!

If he deserved you then he wouldn't ever question how beautiful you were no matter what you wore -  gym clothes, a beautiful dress or nude. His face would be a reminder of what he sees you as, from the the inside -out.

You are so beautiful girl, dont you realise that! 

You can have any guy you want, they are lined up for you. So why do you waste your thoughts and time on someone who makes you feel not enough, not beautiful enough, not pretty enough, not special enough…

Someone who takes a diamond and tricks her into believing she's just a rock isn't worth your energy. 

You are too beautiful to be an option, to be his second choice. To be the other woman. 

Too beautiful to play his on going drama and games. 

You are too beautiful to settle with him. 

Its not selfish, self centred or cocky to call yourself beautiful or attractive. 

Its ok to walk away from someone who makes you feel less than. If your friend was wasting her time on the wrong guy you would slap some sense into her and remind her how damn beautiful and amazing she was, so why dont you do the same for you! 

Stop playing the victim card and know that you have choices, always. What you choose to allow, will continue. 

Hes not everything you need - no matter how successful, smart, funny and attractive you think he is. You dont need him or anyone else to dictate your worth or remind you that you are beautiful.

Work on finding true self love, and self acceptance

There are so many men out there who would love to take you out. Don't settle for that one person if they give you less than you deserve. Some day you will find that man, who doesn't play games, acknowledges and knows in his heart you are a dream catch - someone who wont risk losing you. 

Remember you are so beautiful exactly as you are. 

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