I know that you dont like to mix business and personal but since Im american you will have to indulge me this one time,

americans have a tradition this week leading up to our thanksgiving holiday where we proclaim to others what we are thankful for.

I can probably count on one hand the truly life changing experiences I have had - getting tosses from one college and having to transfer to another, where i met my wife - getting into the field i got into - getting married - and the birth of each child and then getting this assignment in Australia. And starting the new hand..... the transformation that I was able to make this year.

I never would have imagined that It would have been possible for me to change my life as much as I did this past year. My wife and I were watching one of those american food shows last night and they featured one pub that serves a hamburger with 10 patties stacked on top of each other, dripping in grease. It actually made my stomach turn and i realised then that even if i struggle a bit to lose the last 10kg or 4-5% body fat, I have changed so much that i could never ever go back to the habits I once had. And my family and I believe its because of you Rebecca.

we are truly thankful that my path crossed with yours.


After training for 5 years and never seeing the results I wanted to see I finally decided to take action! I had been following Bec on facebook and had seen all the amazing transformations and testimonials from her happy clients and seeing how well Bec looked after her own body I decided to take the step and ask her to become my online coach!

Bec has now been my online coach for over 3 months and WOW!

Bec is so passionate about her work and the knowledge and drive that she gives is just incredible! She always seems to amaze me with new things I never knew or thought different of!

My training and diet has changed dramatically and I am now lifting and pushing myself more than I thought I could! I find I have a new found energy when eating the right foods and my mind and wellbeing is so much healthier. Bec has helped me to challenge myself to doing things I didn’t think I could do. Everything is such a mental challenge for me and for Bec to help me to overcome that and help me to reach my goal and successfully complete my photo shoot is a new stoned turned for me! (and I say successfully as it was hard not to let my mind try tell me what needed to be done doesn’t matter.. it’s all about the process haha!).

She really is such an inspiration! The passion and time and effort she puts into her clients is just unthinkable! Always there to answer my questions and put me back onto the bandwagon! I can honestly say Bec has helped me to become a better me!


After searching for months for a female personal trainer, I finally found Bec. I wish i had found her sooner! She took the time to get to know me and personally reply to my emails – not just a standard response form. In the month or so that Bec has been my online coach, I have learnt so much! More than I thought I could. I was skeptical of how an online coach would work but I talk to her more than I saw my old personal trainer! She is readily available and supportive. She really takes the time to understand me and my goals and ensure that we are on the same page. She is a great listener and provides good advice with sound reasoning. What I appreciate the most is how she can empathize with my situation and use her own personal experiences to relate to me. Its nice to know im not alone 

I have noticed a big difference in my training and overall health since starting with Bec – I wish I had done it sooner. She advocates loving yourself from the inside, not just fixing the outside. I know she will help me kick butt and reach my goals. Thanks Bec  xx


I have been training with Rebecca for a 6-month period at 3 x 1 hour sessions per week.

When i began training in 81.3kg with a height 1.73cm tall and a body mass (%) 38.5. Rebecca wrote me a training program and diet – structured weights and light cardio.We set long and short term goals and also took measurements to monitor levels of improvement. Over the coming months, following the portioned meals as recommended and appropriate training I’d taken my weight to 79.8kg and a body mass (%) 18.7.
By the 3-4 month (peak) of my training, id got my weight down to 77kg and a body mass (%) 13.4. I was running up to 25km per week and still weight training to keep my size and definition.


I was fortunate enough to have Bec as my health coach for 8 months until she relocated to Sydney from the Gold Coast. What she left me with was a healthier version of myself both mind and body. I lost just over 10kg and saw my body shape change and become more sculpted, but the biggest improvement definitely was my life style change of mind.

Bec taught me there is more then just dieting, it matters what i put in my body and on my body, i now eat grass fed meat from local butchers and have banished chemicals from my cleaning cupboard and my beauty cupboard and i feel amazing knowing the difference I'm making to my own life but also to the contribution I'm making to a healthier planet with organic and sustainable practices.  I think the biggest thing is i never felt forced to change my ways Bec was there to educate and guide me and how far was up to me, except for the training that definitely was a fire cracker up my behind, Bec pushed me further then i thought i could,  after 6 months i was sprinting up hills harder and faster then people much smaller then me and holding myself on toes for push ups!

No 2 sessions were ever the same and i was challenged every day with a new workout so much so that even after 6 months i would still find a new muscle group i never new existed that would be sore the next day from a kick ass workout. Bec changed my life in a way no one ever has and she has definitely made me healthier, fitter and wiser about the ways of the world and how to live clean and be happy in myself so for that I'm forever grateful.

I will miss our weekly workouts and we will always remain in touch as she still helps and inspires me when ever i need her guidance so if your lucky enough to work with this amazing woman don't take the time for granted give it your all and in return you will recieve so much more... lots of love, 


I wandered into the gym in November 2012 and was extremely lucky to end up with  Rebecca as my trainer. Over the following three months she helped me really understand diet, inspired (and prodded) me to give up some bad addictions, trained me to be much stronger in the gym all of which led to me losing nearly 10kg in under 3 months. I'll always be extremely grateful to Bec for starting me on my fitness journey,  and would give anyone an absolutely unconditional recommendation to contact her for any fitness goals. 


I have had Rebecca as my Personal Trainer  for just over 12 months.  Rebecca has personally tailored clean eating and training plans to help me achieve my fitness goals.  She has modified my training and exercise if necessary  to accommodate any injuries that I have sustained and ensures that I have fully recovered without adding further injury.  Rebecca is a great motivator and at the end of each session I will always leave with a smile on my face (even if my body is aching!). I highly recommend Rebecca to anybody who is thinking of embarking on a healthier lifestyle and fitness plan.




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