Do you need a health coach?

Most of us have either hired a personal trainer or at least thought about doing so to help us reach our fitness goals.

So why not do the same with your health?


Health coaching is a relatively new style of coaching and counseling in Australia.


We as health coaches are different to dieticians and nutritionists who usually only look at a persons diet. A health coach goes further beyond that than just explaining what you should be eating and why. We are supportive; in the same way a personal trainer is giving you the accountability, encouragement and the motivation to achieve your fitness goals.

We look at all parts of your life – What's happening in your life, your career, your relationships and interactions with others and how they can have an impact on your health. Kind of like a life coach but for your health.


All services are holistic, evidence based and very personalized to the individual. All plans, both health and fitness are tailored to meet your personal goals.


We work together personally on figuring out your body and you as individual and what you need. We put together a program/plan which is about what you eat and how you move your body, whilst looking at things like mood, what’s going on with your career, your relationships, your hormones and many other things– because these things all effect us as a whole and are all going to impact your success in reaching your goals.


As a holistic health coach I offer a combination of education, inspiration accountability and support.

It’s very practical – like, ‘I want to have a healthy lunch every day, so how do I make this happen, what do I need to do?’

Its about having someone to bounce those thoughts and ideas off, someone who really cares and someone who gets excited when you nail those yummy homemade bliss balls or you made your first bowl of zucchini pasta!


From an educational point – its about teaching you how to unlearn everything you have been taught in the past, or what you have read, we untangle the confusion of what’s right and wrong for you, whether carbs are good, no carbs are better, low fat, high fat, paleo, vegan etc. It’s a very confusing world out there and sometimes we need someone to step in and help us.


I usually work with clients either on a weekly or fortnightly basis and can work with the client from 3 months up to 12months.

We might do anything from looking at different recipes to create at home, sometimes I even come and cook with you - teach you the basics or new healthy recipes. Where its needed I visit homes and do cupboard clean outs and we might even go shopping to help you understand nutritional labels.

Its about ongoing education, support and accountability – Generally I form great relationships with my clients and we become quite good friends.

I loan recipe books or other motivational books that I believe could be of help. Sometimes I have been known to give my clients a bunch of kale to go home with or a jar of my homemade bliss balls.

A good relationship is so important for establishing a tailored plan for the individual.

What works for you may not work for others. There are so many diverse needs.

Your diet should be different in accordance to seasons, when your 20 it should be different to when you’re 40. You might be totally fine with gluten but you may not be able to tolerate dairy. It’s about paying attention and using your nutrition intuition.

We have to get you listening to your body.

How do you feel after eating that bowl of pasta?

Do you need to take a nap?


I generally work with people on tweaking what they are currently doing and giving them better alternatives, adding in more nutritious things and educating why we need to remove other things.


Most of my clients come to me with weight loss being their main concern but it very soon becomes a secondary issue and as a result of working on other things it naturally happens, so we have smiles all round.


Once you start eating better you start feeling better and you start to really glow from the inside out. There becomes this positivity about you. Your mind opens up and you become more creative and you start to experience life completely new.


What you look like on the outside is a direct reflection of what’s going on, on the inside.

When you start to nourish yourself and feel better internally, your external world around you becomes better and in return, magic happens!"








 Your greatest wealth is your health

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